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What About This…? 12.15.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

Well, the Hammer of Winter certainly fell on the Spring/Summer of Autumn, didn’t it?

We have to be grateful for all the extra time we got for our activities that October and November usually deny us.

It got so that I was expecting each day to be as balmy and beautiful as the last, and the wondrous colors of trees and shrubs light-sensitive rather than temperature-sensitive just added to the lie that Winter had lost its way to our country.

There is no reason whatsoever to expect that we will have to “make up” for the unusually nice weather by a stretch of unusually terrible weather, right?  We will have to obey, to some degree, the averages, but the surprising sort-day of bright sun, light wind, and warm temps in the middle of Winter’s wrath is not just a possibility, it’s a probability!  And, something to look forward to with optimistic anticipation (even though I just heard that my old school got over 40-inches (forty!) of snow in just one day.

We got so much done due to the extrapolation of Summer into Autumn that we are not nearly as worried about Winter as we usually are.  After all, the weather forecasters are telling us……. And we can always rely on that, can’t we?