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Douglas and Ozark Counties Retired School Personnel

Caryl Feiler, Jenny Billings, Kay Transano, Virginia Parsley, Ida Mae Huse, Sue Robirds, Barbara Roberts, Norma Stillings, Laura Waters, Jane Elder, and Julane Williams met for lunch at Autumn’s Café in Ava, Tuesday, November 08, 2016.

Caryl Feiler welcomed everyone who had come. It was noted that Ruth Evans was in the hospital.  At least one of our members were working at the polling places. Caryl Feiler asked a blessing on the food and on the meeting. A short business meeting was held and a lot of just visiting.

Laura Waters told about some of her experiences teaching music on the Navaho Reservation in Arizona starting back in 1980. Laura taught 21 years in Tuba, Arizona. She described the trailers that were used to house teachers. There were about 850 students in that school. About 80% were Navajo, 15% Hopi, and 5% “Other” largely South Pacific Mormons.

Children were bused in from as far away as 50 miles. It was a large school with anywhere from 8 to 10 classes at each grade level. Her music duties included teaching band, but she also acted as a volleyball judge. She had to train for that.

Laura talked about the culture, some taboos, medicine men and healing ceremonies, the significance of the colors in sand paintings, about clans, sacred mountains, and manner of dress. She had some books written by Navajo authors, dolls, jewelry, and small figures that had been made by Navaho craftsmen. It was a most interesting program.

The next meeting will be held at the Senior and Community Center at Gainesville, December 13. The guest speaker will be Rhonda Seuter and we will sing Christmas songs.