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What About This…? 11.24.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

Well, if you plan to take anyone’s advice to place a political bet you want to avoid mine!  I was so sure that Clinton would win big, really big, and that Trump would not merely be defeated, he would be repudiated.  And, I was way beyond just wrong, I was wrong deluxe.

Now, whomever we supported in the privacy of our voting booth, we have to support our new President-Elect in every way we possibly can without violating our most deeply-held principles.

Democrats must eschew doing what has happened over the last several years.  Democrats must not adopt the devastating position that anything proposed by our new President is to be opposed, every positive measure thwarted simply to rob our new President of any successes.

There are countless issues that Republicans and Democrats could mutually support which would benefit the United States of America. The question that we must all face and answer as Americans is this:

Are we prepared to move the country forward in a manner that benefits all of us by working together or will we revert to the puerile politics of mindless opposition based simply on what makes the “other guys” look bad?

Will we behave as true Americans or not?

It is up to each of us individually to be sure we do!