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Ava R-I School Board Signs Separation Agreement with Lawler

By Sue Curry Jones

On Friday, Nov. 18, the Douglas County Herald received a copy of the agreement recently facilitated and signed by the Ava R-I School District and Nancy Lawler, Ava’s on-leave superintendent.

The write-up included a statement from the district and Lawler:

“The Ava R-I School District and Dr. Nancy Lawler, superintendent of schools, announce that Dr. Lawler will retire from the Ava R-I School District on December 31, 2016.”

The agreement was unanimously approved 6-0, as only six of the seven school board members were present.  Ron Wallace was absent.

The agreement stipulates Lawler will retire from employment with the district effective December 31, 2016.  Until that date she will continue to receive salary and benefits.  She will also be paid for unused sick, personal and vacation days, up to the date of retirement.

Regarding salary, Lawler will receive $97,189.40 on Dec. 20, 2016, and $97,189.40 on January 20, 2017.

The agreement demands both parties agree to relinquish all rights to file further actions, prosecute claims or demand anything further.  It states both parties will not disparage the other, in any way.

It also instructs Lawler to comply with all district policies and practices related to being on district premises as required of all other parents and / or other persons.  And, that she will not at any time in the future apply for or accept employment with the district.

The Separation Agreement and Mutual Release is four pages long, and signed by school board president Randy Spurlock and Lawler.   Bart Ellison, secretary of the board of education, signed as witness.

The agreement is a record deemed open to the public.

According to school officials, Dr. Jason Dial will continue to fulfill district duties as interim superintendent for the remainder of 2016-17 school year.