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Looking Backward 11.17.2016

25 Years Ago

November 14, 1991


Eleven Ava High School students will be competing for the title of Miss Merry Christmas at the annual Anchor Club Pageant next Monday. They are Sarah Semro, Karen Johnson, Kristal McCleary, Jolene Tate, Fonda McChesney, Robin Shirley, Tracy Streight, Reesha Snow, Deborah Smith, March Wilson, and Angie Chaffee.

Mrs. Susie Nelson, Ava, observed her 106th birthday Tuesday with members of her family.

Captain S.T. Davis, commanding officer of Troop G, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Willow Springs, reports the 1991 marijuana eradication season has concluded. A total of 138 seizures were made during this season.  Twenty-eight felony arrests were made and 11,276 plants, six weapons, one vehicle, a microwave oven and numerous pieces of paraphernalia were seized.

Katie and Tiffany Dandurand are proud to announce the birth of their sister Brittany Lee.

Glenn and Kathleen Harnden will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 24 at the Lions Club in Ava.  Mr. and Mrs. Harnden were married Nov. 26, 1941, in Ava, with the Rev. C. M. Kennaugh officiating.

Some of Ava’s faithful football fans braved a negative wind chill factor to attend the football game here with Mtn. Grove on Nov. 1.  Many of the fans disappeared to the concession stand to take refuge from the wind and cold, and coffee and hot chocolate were big sellers.

Owen Theatre, Seymour, Mo. –– Now Showing “Freddie’s Dead” The Final Nightmare, In 3-D.

Another name of a World War I veteran has been turned in. This brings to three the number of World War I veterans we know of living in Douglas County. Guy Lakey enlist-ed from Douglas County. John Bressie and Herbert Walker both served in WWI. They now live here but they enlisted elsewhere.


50 Years Ago

 November 10, 1966


For the past three weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hailey and sons, Roger and David, have been the host family for William Hidalgo, Inter-national Farm Youth Exchange Student from Venezuela.

Grand opening will be held this weekend at the new DeGase Grocery, located on the south side of the public square here beginning Thursday and running through Saturday.  Owners and operator of the new retail grocery outlet are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeGase, formerly of Lee’s Summit, who are natives of Douglas County.  Mrs. DeGase is the former Norene Robertson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robertson. Mr. DeGase’s father, Elmer DeGase, is a former Ava grocer who operated a store on the north side of the square which was purchased by Richards Bros.

A birthday dinner and party was given recently for Mrs. Amy Huff at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Goss who observed her 78th birthday.

Mayor and Mrs. Fred O. Lethco, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stafford and Willard Pueppke of Ava were among the visitors from over the Ozarks who Sunday attended the dedication of Aurora’s Memorial Airport.

Miss Connie Collins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Collins of Ava, and George Hetherington, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Flattem of Monett, were married Monday, Oct. 17, at 7 o’clock in the bride’s home.

A-3C Gene Kilburn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kilburn of Ava, who recently was graduated from Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, has been sent to Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas, to begin training in an aircraft mechanics school.

Five Ava students are attending Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar this fall.  Enrolled are Betty Curnutt who is a sophomore student studying in the field of elementary education; Thomas Halford, a sophomore studying in psychology; Pamela Pettit, a sophomore studying in the field of psychology; Mike Spurlock, a sophomore enrolled in English; and Larry Wayne Ray, a freshman studying agriculture.

GENTRY –– Another place has changed hands in this community.  We understand that Mrs. Mollie Brixey has sold her farm to the Sterling Silveys from Ozark Co.

Miss Jan Hart was guest of honor Thursday afternoon Nov. 3, at a luncheon given by Mrs. Earl Kahmann at the Kentwood Arms Garden Terrace Room, Springfield.

  1. TABOR –– Mrs. Howard Beall of Washington, D.C. is now making her home with her daughter, Mrs. L.M. Heigham and Mr. Heigham.


75 Years Ago

November 13, 1941


Forty-five head of fine, purebred Jersey heifers and one outstanding bull were bought in Canada last week for Ozarks breeders.  Fifteen of the heifers are to come to vocational agriculture students at Ava High School and Brushyknob 4-H Club boys.

Coach Wardell Standfield’s high school basketball team has served notice to local fans that they were going to give our fair city something to talk about this season. The Bears walloped Norwood in a non-conference game Friday night by a score of 36 to 27.

Tuesday’s sale was one of the best ever held here, according to G. R. Prock, manager of the Ava Sales Company.  About 75 horses and mules were sold, Prock said, in addition to a big run of other livestock.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Buchanan October 31. He has been named Terry Craig. The mother was Eva Mae Mays before her marriage.

AVALON THEATRE … “They Met in Bombay”, Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell in a picture that has the combination of suspense, action, romance and adventure. Truly a must see.

A constitutional amendment is proposed declaring that men and women shall be equal.  If passed, it will be a great victory for the men.

The SNOOP –– Seems one Ava hunter was up bright and early the opening day ready to take to the field, but could not find his dog.  He looked every place he thought the dog might be, but finally concluded that someone had “borrowed” him for the day. He went hunting with misgivings, feeling he would kill no birds without his own dog. Imagine his surprise when he returned home and found that the dog had been shut up on the back porch, where he was found by the hunter’s wife shortly after the hunter had gone to the woods.

The Basket Bombers, Ava’s town basketball team, made an impressive debut last Thursday night when they trounced Gaines-ville 53-21 on the latter’s court.  Wilson McClendon and Bill Lawrence led Ava’s scoring with 17 and 16 points, respectively.  Leslie Scribner made 10 points, John Pinkley the new six-foot, 200-pound center, tallying 8 points, and Orville Nall accounting for 2 points.  Loy Brixey, six-foot three-inch guard, played a bang-up defensive game.  Besides the players named above the team consists of Hurse Smith, Basil Spurlock and Wardell Stanfield, high school coach, all of whom were unable to make the Gainesville trip.

ROY –– Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Mathews and children visited with Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Epps and Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Epps last Wednesday night.

GOODHOPE –– Eugene Epps returned to the CCC camp Sunday after visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Epps and family.


100 Years Ago

November 16, 1916


The stock law election in Miller and Buchanan townships last Tuesday was perhaps defeated in both instances, although the vote was 65 to 40 in favor of the law in Miller township. The vote in Buchanan township was: for the law, 43;  against the law, 48.  There seems to be a contention among lawyers on points of law as to whether the proposition must have a majority of all votes cast in the township to be declared carried, or whether only a majority of those voting on that proposition.

Twelve million dollars spent in less than a year have brought into being what will probably be the greatest small arms and munitions plant in the world –– that of the Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Company factories at Bridgeport, Conn.  When it is in full operation it will call for the services of from 31,000 to 36,000 employees, bringing the total of the industrial army employed in various places by these companies to 50,000. The Bridgeport plant covers hundreds of acres and is the latest in factory construction and yet in its present form it may be said to have actually sprung into existence, to have come before the eyes of Bridgeport in a moment.

Once Col. Roosevelt and Mrs. Taft were the best of friends.  As the country well knows, Mr. Taft owes his election to the Presidency in 1908 to the powerful influence of Mr. Roosevelt at that time. But once on the inside of the white house, the then lady of the land, Mrs. Taft, was charged with coolly treating Mrs. Roosevelt. This afterwards proved to be the beginning of a disastrous experience for the American people.

Mrs. Chas. Garton has resigned her position as teacher of room two in the grade schools of Ava and will join her husband at Willow Springs, who is principal of the Willow Springs High School.  Miss Lena Wilson has been elected by the school board to fill the vacancy in the Ava schools.

Mtn. Grove Journal:  “Our high school boys beat Ava in both games of basketball played at that town last Friday and Saturday.”  The Journal editor must be able to see victory in defeat, but the Ava boys are not looking for that sort of victory. The score of the first game was 15 to 3 in favor of Ava, and the second, 24 to 4 in favor of Ava.  Mtn. Grove didn’t get a single field goal.


125 Years Ago

November 12, 1891


Shelbina, Mo. has an electric light plant.

Owing to the drought along the lower Rio Grande cattle are reported dying by the hundreds.

It is said that the Burlington project of bridging the Mississippi at Alton will be carried out at once.

A rumor has reached Paris of a conspiracy in Athens to overthrow the ruling dynasty of Greece.

Elijah Cloud of Ivesdale, Ill., buried his wife Monday, remarried Thursday, and has been run off by indignant neighbors.

At Lincoln, Neb., Jud Morris was married Wednesday.  On Saturday his first wife and four children from Ohio came in and he was arrested for bigamy.

A Greenpoint, Long Island man has invented a machine which is expected to revolutionize the lumber business. It cuts up a log in various thicknesses without making a particle of sawdust.

It has been discovered that the human mouth is slowly but surely and steadily moving towards the left of the face which will, in time, bring it somewhere in the neighborhood of the left ear.  It is the expressed opinion of many scientists who are foremost in the world’s roll of professional honor that in the course of time, the mouth will have completely changed its position and that it will be situated rather nearer the left ear than the nose.

The complete Census returns from Washington show that Douglas County has increased its population nearly 160 percent curing the last ten years. The proportionate rate of increase for the next ten years will in all probability be less than for the past ten years. The present rate of increase by immigration if continued will put Douglas County in the front rank for both population and wealth.

The present county administra-tion took charge of the affairs the first of this year under promises to pay the county out of debt within the next two years.  The first year has nearly passed and the debt has not been decreased a penny.

Prosecuting Attorney Reed has moved to his new residence west of town.

Constable Charles Spurlock has purchased a block of lots on the southwest corner of town and is having the lumber delivered for a new dwelling house.

Miss Allie Wilson, hearing dogs barking close to the house the other night, says the West Plains Gazette, took the gun and went down to see what they were barking at.  The dogs had surrounded a tree, and looking up, she saw something in the leaves. She took aim and fired, and the object fell to the ground. To her surprise, she found it to be a large wild cat.  Howell County girls have grit.

The reputation you have spent a lifetime in earning you can throw away in a moment, unless it happens to be a bad reputation.