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Looking Backward 11.10.2016

25 Years Ago

November 7, 1991


It has been estimated that insurance companies will pay out claims of over $2 million to Ava residents who suffered losses in the recent hail storm. Hail ranging in size from marbles to hen eggs hit the Ava area on the afternoon of Oct. 23 damaging vehicles and roofs.

Trish Hall, kindergarten instruct-tor with the Ava school system, has been elected to the Kindergarten Advisory Council (K.A.C.) steering committee. Trish will serve as chairman for 1991-92.

Russell Upshaw was recognized last week for more than 30 years of service as a Douglas County road maintenance worker for the county’s eastern district.  Upshaw said he started working for the county in the late 1950s when Frank Giles was commissioner, and worked for 75 cents an hour.

Tri-County Bass News –– Dean Mitchell and Rod Crain took first place with 9-pounds of fish.  Brian Sherrill won big bass with a 3-lb. bass.

Only the die-hard football fans braved the elements last Friday night to see the Ava Bears whip the Mtn. Grove Panthers 38-0, and most of those who did see the game watched it from the west sideline so the frigid wind was at their backs. By game time the temperature had dropped to the low 20s and the wind chill factor was one-above zero.

Jana Lynn Lumb, daughter of John and Janice Lumb of Ava, and a 1990 graduate of Ava High School, was named College of the Ozarks’ Barnwarming Queen on Oct. 11.

Dr. L.B. Marshall, Jr., an aerospace education specialist with NASA’s Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., spent the day at Bradleyville School on Oct. 10.  His emphasis was on the space shuttle program.

Scott Silvey is a member of the Central Methodist College Eagles football team this year. Scott, a junior, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Silvey, Ava.


50 Years Ago

 November 3, 1966


A group of 36 persons from Dallas, Texas, made a tour of the Glade Top Trail last Thursday. They were members of a chartered Dallas Greyhound Shepherd of the Hills Tour which came by the way of Mark Twain National Forest.  The Glad Top Trail Tour is scheduled to be an annual affair for the Greyhound Bus Company.

Eddie Dean Swearengin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Swearengin of the Dogwood community, was among more than 3,000 men who boarded the United States Naval Ship General William Weigel, as it departed Oakland, Calif., Wednes-day, Sept. 27.  The ship will dock in posts at Nasha, Okinawa and Qui Nhon, Cam Ranh Bay and Vung Tau, Viet Nam.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hart of Route 1, Ava, announce the engagement of their daughter, Jan, to David L. Baldwin, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baldwin, Sr., of Springfield.  Wedding plans are for Nov. 27.

Mr. and Mrs. Orval Jernigan attended the National Singing Convention held in Memphis, Tenn.  The Jernigans have attended this annual singing convention many years and they thought the most recent one surpassed all others.  Other Avans attending the National convention this year were Mrs. Dorothy Jackson, Mrs. Mayme Wiser, Miss Alma Lou Dixon and her mother, Mrs. Maud Dixon, and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jenkins.

DORA –– Mrs. Joe Murphy and daughters are joining Mr. Murphy in Texas. Orville Grisham is caring for and milking their cows in their absence.

McCLURG –– Mr. and Mrs. LeeRoy Engelhardt and family and Virgil Adams and son, Kenny, returned home last week from Selah, Wash., where they have been working.

EAST DOGWOOD – The Head Start for Skyline finally started Friday when they took pictures and had a Halloween party. It will be all day this year instead of half a day.

A great-circle track is the shortest distance between any two places on the globe. Aircraft leaving the United States for Europe head north to fly the great-circle route.

Two Ava teachers, Miss Una Ellison and Mrs. John Bressie, members of Xi chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an honorary society for women teachers, attended a Delta Kappa Gamma state work-shop in Jefferson City, Saturday, Oct. 29.  Mrs. Bressie, now retired, has recently been appointed second vice president of Delta State.

A surprise house warming was held last Thursday night for Mr. and Mrs. Garry Hicks and Tommy.

Mr. and Mrs. Butch Degase (Dyanna Pruitt) of Squires announce the birth of a son, Mark Paul, Oct. 25 at 4:05 a.m. at Baxter General Hospital in Mtn. Home, Ark.  The baby weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces.  They also have a son, Brian Charles.


75 Years Ago

November 6, 1941


According to information just received here, Wm. I. Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin of Ava, has been promoted from the rank of lieutenant, junior grade, in the U.S. Air Corps to first lieutenant and chief flying instructor of his squadron.  Young Martin is a graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy, and also a graduate of the Pensacola government flying school.  He is now stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas.

County court was in session here during the first three days of the week.  Court fixed the rate for board of prisoners at the county jail at 70 cents per day.  Formerly the rate of pay had been 60 cents per day.

The grand-nieces of Dr. J.L. Gentry have been having their own pictures taken –– in Hollywood as stars in Columbia’s movie, “The Return of Daniel Boone.” The good looking girls are Verna and Verda Rodik, twin grand-nieces of Dr. J.L. Gentry of Ava. The girls were born in Tulsa, Okla. And raised on a ranch near Sapulpa. Six years ago, because of the drought in Oklahoma they left there with their parents and went to New York City. Since then they have been on the stage and radio. Last year they were heard over radio station WIBW at Topeka, Kansas.  On the radio they were known as the Musical Sweethearts. “The Return of Daniel Boone” is to be shown at the Avalon Theatre here Saturday.

SWEDEN –– Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Dye had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Halford and Rev. Thomas Halford, Lester, Wayne and Wanda Fay Bishop.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Livingston and son, Souder, plan to leave Ava Saturday for Jefferson City to make their home.  Mr. Livingston has been living at Jefferson City recently since his appointment as foreman in the license tag depart-ment of the state Penitentiary.

Miss Sybil Sell entertained with a slumber party Tuesday evening in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Sell.  Her guests were Wilma Jean Owens, Marjorie Cline, and Peggy Love.

At least half of the 152 traffic accident fatality increase this year is chargeable to war-time activity.  Thirty-one soldiers have been killed on Missouri’s highways this year.

ROBERTSON –– Mr. and Mrs. George Davis have purchased and moved to what is known as the Vanhouden place.

ROCKBRIDGE – The Mountain Grove mail carrier has not arrived here since last Thursday due to high water.

BUCKHART –– Edwin Judd of the 17th School Squadron, Chanute Field, Illinois, visited Miss Jewell Uhlmann Saturday evening.

In order to make more steel available for other defense needs, a nationwide farm machinery repair program has been launched to help farmers meet prospective reductions in new farm machinery in 1942.  To offset the shortages of new equipment the government plans to make enough steel available so that farmers can obtain parts with which to repair used machinery.


100 Years Ago

November 9, 1916


County Treasurer Charles Coble has received a check from the State Auditor for $928.57 which is the amount of State aid due Douglas County roads from the general road fund.  This money is to be used only on those roads where private donations have been made.

The Prohibition amendment has been defeated in Missouri by about 100,000.  The drys are claiming to have carried Michigan, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana. California voted wet.

The annual fall teachers’ asso-ciation held at the high school building in Ava Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week was perhaps the greatest meeting in the history of the association. Atten-dance was exceptionally good, and everyone was full of vigor and enthusiasm.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Curnutt and daughters Esther and Helen and Elmer Curry motored to Prior Sunday by way of Norwood and Mtn. Grove, on a short visit to Mrs. Curnutt’s mother, Mrs. Cordelia White and other relatives, returning in the afternoon by the way of Denlow and Cold Springs.

A dog supposed to be suffering from rabies created considerable excitement in Mansfield last week. Several dogs were bitten, and have been ordered by the Mayor killed or muzzled.  The dog was shot by the city marshall, but made its escape going in the direction of Prairie Hollow, Douglas County.

The Security Canning Company has closed this week with a total output of two car loads of tomatoes.  Although this has been a hard year on tomato growers, it has been a harder one on the factory.  Never-theless, Greer Bros. and McKnight are not in the least discouraged and are now ready to sign contracts for the 1917 pack.

FOX CREEK NEWS –– Mr. and Mrs. John Coffman have moved on the Vanover farm.  We are glad to have them in our midst.

The Farmer’s Store is the firm name selling goods at Basher with Andy Miller as manager.

  1. ZION –– Miss Eulah Thomas and Clyde Hays both of Larissa were quietly married in Ava Tuesday, Oct. 31. After a week in Springfield they will make their home at Mt. Zion.

Wood fires are reported in various places in Douglas County.  Several fences are being destroyed.

Fire from an unknown origin completely destroyed the large feed barn belonging to C.P. Anderson at Granada last Sunday afternoon.  No one was at home when the fire broke out and flames were past control when discovered.


125 Years Ago

November 5, 1891


  1. LOUIS –– The steamer Oliver Bierne, used here as an excursion boat during the summer, and as a cotton carrier in the lower Mississippi in the fall and winter, was burned at Milligan’s Bend, near Vicksburg at 9 o’clock this evening. Eight lives are reported lost. The boat had on board about 800 bales of cotton consigned to New Orleans parties, which, it is said by a pro-minent Memphis insurance agency, was totally destroyed.

VIENNA, Oct. 31 – The Austrian government has resolved to comply with the request of the United States and remove the restrictions on the importation of pickled pork and bacon, but will retain them on land.  The government is influenced by the fact a similar concession was granted by Germany.  Approval of the Hungarian cabinet is still waiting, but will doubtless be obtained as Hungary fears that otherwise the United States will make reprisals affecting the export of sugar.

Two elopers, ages 15 and 13, respectively, were captured at Little Rock, Ark.

The life of Otto Bechel of La Grange, Ind., was saved by a pack of cards in a pocket over his heart.

Edison’s statement that trains are to be run at once by electricity has been accepted as a fact by railroad men.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will put five million into better-ments, and distribute five million more among the stockholders.

The national treasury department has received notice that Canadian tailors are smuggling suits by wholesale into this country.

Every Latin-American Republic has accepted the invitation to participate in the Chicago World’s Fair. Paraguay being the last on the list.

Twenty-six students at the Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn., hazed a Memphis student named Allen, who is accused of spying.

LAWRENCE, Kans. –– A new long distance telephone has just been invented by Professors L.V. Blake and E.W. Caldwell, of the university. The transmitter is a composition invented by Professor Blake, packed by the suggestion of Mr. Caldwell in a cloth bag and suspended by the wires. The receiver has interchangeable coils for increased or decreased resistance. The apparatus was tried by Professor Blake this past summer in his experiments.

J.M. Thurman of Walls Town-ship has gone West with his family on a prospecting trip.

“Madam, are you a woman suffragist?”   “No sir, I haven’t time to be.”   “Haven’t time! Well, if you had the privilege of voting, who would you support?”   “The same man I supported for ten years.”  “And, who is that?”   “My husband.”