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What About This…? 11.3.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

Pretty much everyone dislikes change.  Even when those changes don’t directly affect me, they may sprout other changes that will, and I might not, probably won’t like whatever will be forthcoming.

My Dad frequently intoned one of his favorite maxims, “Don’t mess with a winner!”  (He was in the United States Marine corps for 30 years and so he didn’t say “mess” but we got the idea.)  If something is working, why tempt fate or the muses so eager to spill unintentional consequences on us as we, usually most innocently, try to improve a functioning system.  But, geez, Pop, how much progress will we make as a civilization if whenever anything is one step this side of chaos we accept it without considering how to get two steps this side of chaos?

Of course, there are those things that are functioning very well and changes meant to effect a small improvement produce as many problems as benefits.  You have to decide if the game is worth the candle.

Changing the names of Ava’s streets from numbers to words (hopefully different word!) is one of those games worth an entire box of candles.

It’s shooting fish in a barrel to write sarcastically concerning Ava’s present street numbering system, even for a guy like me whose home town, the second largest in his home state, has a North Main Street, South Main Street, West Main Street, and East Main Street and has had plenty or practice deriding those names (but at least there is no North Main Avenue).

Why talk about the newbie UPS driver who starved to death going from one street to another avenue looking in vain for the correct address or the many happy recipients of pre-paid pizzas delivered to the right address, the right number but the wrong suffix.  No, that’s cheap comedy below the high standards of this column.

Replacing the present system of street designations will require a lot of printed stationery to be discarded and it will cost a few bucks to replace the street signs.  There will be a few other inconveniences and negative consequences but on the whole it is a really good idea and far too long in coming.

Mayor Norman and councilmen Lovan, Harris and Loftin are to be commended for beginning a process that will encounter a lot of resistance, much of it just for the sake of resistance.  These gentlemen can add this process to their continuing search for a way to reestablish a recycling center in town as forward thinking government that benefits all of us.

One way to be sure the process goes as smoothly as possible is to be sure we don’t make the same mistake Penn State made when erecting a statue to Joe Paterno, a living god of Nittany Valley Football, only to have it removed when Joe’s cleats were found to be made of cheese.  We need to select street names that will ring forever as salutes to great persons and great events.

The Mayor and council might want to consider names such as Wayne Street, William Avenue and Cipriano Boulevard.   Just an idea…