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What About This…? 10.20.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

Everyone has their favorite season and plenty of reasons why that season is the best.

And, as long as that season is Autumn, they are completely correct.

Here it is again.  A composite gift of the planet’s orbit and the annual time-table of flora and fauna alike.  Crisp mornings, cool days, just-chilly-enough evenings, and nights conducive to cuddling up. The temperatures are…. perfect.

Foliage turns almost overnight from the blue/green of summer to the rich brown of fall with enough splashes of fire colors to make any vista worth the study.

All the young from the smallest creatures of the forest and the air to the largest have survived long enough to give them a fair shot of getting through the upcoming winter to the easy spring and slow summer just around the corner.

The bugs are gone.  Well, as Mr. Shortt would say, not gone but “lurking quiet” and not about to bother us until that next warmup, six or seven months away.

The hay is in but not needed for quite a while, especially when summer rains have been as kind to us as they were.  That gleam in our bull’s eyes, present all summer, seems just an extra bit brighter as he surveys the herd looking for some last-minute, pre-winter duty.  And, professional football has begun!

Yes, there have been those dastardly television commercials and store displays reminding us of that one holiday still three months away that causes so much anxiety and so much joy simultaneously, but even those entrepreneurial goads don’t quell the smiles that 95-degree days becoming 65-degree days bring forth.

It is indeed the best season of all.  It is Autumn!