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Ava 7th & 8th Grade Girls Compete In Cabool Volleyball Tournament

The 7th & 8th grade Lady Bears got together for one picture after the tournament on Saturday.

On Saturday, Oct. 1 the Ava 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams competed in the Cabool Tournament.  Ava 8th grade came home with a 2nd place finish, and the 7th grade with a 3rd place finish.  

Ava 8th grade started the day splitting with the Lady Bulldogs of Cabool. “We started out very slow and dropped game one 9-25”, said Coach Ann Leonard, “but battled back and won game two 27-25.”  

The match featured very strong serving from Hannah Stafford, serving 11/11 with 3 ace serves; Sarah Wolfenbarger 31/32 passing, 16/17 setting, and 11/13 hitting; and Miquia Heinlien with 3 ace serves, 25 passes, 9 sets, and 7 hits. Makynna Wallace was 19/19 passing.  

Ava played Mtn. Grove and won both games, 25-16, 25-16.  Devon Rowe was 5/5 serving and 6/6 passing; Miquia Heinlein was 10/11 serving and 12/12 hitting.

The last games of the day Ava defeated Houston both games, 25-6, 25-11.

Ava got strong serving from Sarah Wolfenbarger who was 11/12 with 8 ace serves; Miquia Heinlein, 9/9 serving with 4 aces; Makynna Wallace, 7/7 with 2 aces; and Laynie Isaacs, 5/5 serving with 2 aces. Kaylee Downs was 3/3 with 2 aces.  

Ava ended the day tied for first in win-loss record with Cabool.  To break the tie they went to point difference, which put Cabool in first place and Ava second.  

Ava 7th grade started the day with a very close loss to Cabool, 24-26 and then fell apart to lose the second game, 25-11.  

Lauren Hall was 7/8 serving with 2 aces, 16/17 passing and 2 hits; Samantha Keyes served 3/3 with one ace, and Hailey Searcy was 9/10 passing.  

The second games of the day resulted in a split with Mtn. Grove, again in two close games, 26-24 and 20-25.

Ava got strong serving from Baylan Alexander who was 10/11 with 5 aces. Samantha Keyes was 18/20 passing and Lauren Hall had 5 hits.  

In the final games of the day Ava defeated Houston 25-19, 25-18.

Samantha Keyes was 5/5 serving with 3 aces, and 14/14 passing; Lauren Hall was 5/6 serving 3 aces and 5/5 hitting; Madison Wade was 2/2 serving and 6/6 passing; and Taegan Snow was 6/7 serving with 3 aces.  

Mtn. Grove won the 7th grade segment of the tournament, with Ava taking third place.