Weather Begins To Show A Fall Pattern

The weather summary for the month of September shows a temperature range from 45 to 92 degrees, indicating we are moving into a fall pattern.

Although there is no guarantee, there’s a good chance we have seen our last 90-degree for the year, and now we can begin anticipating the first frost of the season.

During the month, the Ava area received 4.38 inches of rainfall, with most of it coming in two periods – 1.74 inches on Sept. 8 and 1.92 inches on Sept. 16.

The low temperature for the month, registering at 44.5 but officially shown as 45 degrees was on Sept. 27. The high of 92.4 was recorded on Sept. 7.

Daily weather information is recorded by Billy Long who reports for the Community Weather Involvement Program (CWIP).