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Letter to the Editor 10.6.2016 Street Names

Dear Neighbors:

According to last week’s Herald article, Mayor Asks Permission…, the city council at Ava wants to change the grid system to a named street system.  Based on our experience in Ozark County, I would strongly advise Ava to keep the sequential system intact.

Names are, first of all, harder to remember, especially if there are about 100 of them, as there would in Ava if each side of a street got its own name.  Secondly, street names do not give any navigational information, whereas, numbers tell you exactly where you are.  I realize there could be a bit of confusion with the present “street” (north-south) versus “avenue” (east-west) addresses, but these could be changed in some other way while retaining the numerical grid.  To eliminate Ava’s orderly, intelligent, efficient system of numbered streets in favor of a confusing horde of names would not be progress at all, but regress.  Ironically, Gainesville has been doing just the opposite as part of its E-911 implementation, trying to get rid of meaningless names and replacing them with sequential numbers.

My final point would be that Ava is currently not required to have a 911 system, and I doubt if one would be of much benefit.  Ozark County has 911, and yet Douglas County’s emergency response system is superior in many respects to Ozark’s.  In the words of the old farmer-philosopher, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


                     Jeffery Goss, Jr.