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Skyline R-2 Board Evaluates Programs; Approves Policies

The Skyline R-2 School Board met in regular session on Wednesday, Sept. 21, with all seven members present. The consent agenda items consisting of Board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved.

In old business: The Board reviewed and approved the annual Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). Two new objectives were added regarding the bus fleet and budget.

In new business: The Board voted to set the substitute bus driver pay at $60 per daily route.

The Board also discussed current Internet issues. Morenet had provided a quote to bring fiber optic to the district which is completely out of Skyline’s budget. The Board opted to continue with the 6 Mbs through Morenet and put out more requests for proposals to see if there is anything else available for the district.

The Board approved the expenditure of $3,000 from Title II funds to purchase 12 to 15 new laptop computers.

The following program evaluations were presented and approved: Facilities and Grounds, Safety, Assessment Plan, Health Services, Transportation and Food Services.

Policies and regulations that were presented and approved were: Filling Board Vacancies; Pledge of Allegiance; Bullying; Student Suicide Awareness; Notice of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program; Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students; Design-Build Selection; Selection of Construction Manager at Risk; Construction Contract, Bidding and Awards; Nepotism, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosures; Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours.

In the Superintendent’s Report:  Enrollment for August was 86 students in K-8th grade with 8 preschool students.

The next regular scheduled Board meeting is Oct. 19.