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Looking Backward 9.1.2016

  25 Years Ago

August 29, 1991


The Ava R-I School Board was confronted Thursday night by a group of parents upset over a change in policy for middle school cheerleaders, and was also asked to reconsider an earlier decision to not employ a crosswalk guard this school year. The board also accept-ed the resignation of board member Jerry Jumper and set the district’s tax levy for the current year.

Dr. Rick Bonnette has joined the staff at Family Medical Center in Ava and is now seeing patients five days a week. Dr. Bonnette replaces Dr. Jerry Jumper who recently resigned from the staff at the medi­cal facility.

Four students from Ava are listed on the Southwest Missouri State University honor roll for the summer 1991 semester.  Those on the honor roll include: Paul A. Kester, Jr., Janell I. Lakey, Paul D. Miller, and Cynthia A. Tollison, all of Ava.

Daniel M. Miller has been promoted in the U.S. Air Force to the rank of staff sergeant. He is an aircraft structural maintenance spe­cialist at Yokota Air Base, Tokyo.  Miller is the son of Johnie W. and Helen M. Miller of Ava.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown, of Noble, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the old fairgrounds in Ava on Sept. 1, be­ginning at 2 p.m.  The couple were married Sept. 20, 1941, at Noble.

Amanda Barnes celebrated her 14th birthday Saturday afternoon, August 24th in the home of her par­ents, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Barnes of Nixa.

Farm families were honored at the 1991 Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, on Missouri State Farm Family Day, Monday, Aug. 19.  Representing Douglas County were Dennis, Barbara and Joy Uhles.


50 Years Ago

 August 25, 1966


Telephone service to approxi-mately 258 persons was interrupted here lasts Friday and Saturday as a result of wires being shot in two, it was reported by Harold Dye, area supervisor for the General Tele-phone Company.  Mr. Dye said the damage was probably caused from someone shooting at birds or doves on the lines.

The Ava Post Office will be open for business Monday in its new location in the Lethco building at 302 South Jefferson – two blocks south of the public square.  The facility will be moved beginning Saturday afternoon, and all services will be handled at the new location Monday morning, it was announced this week by Robert Ellis, post-master.

A total of 70 teachers have been employed by the Ava R-I Board of Education for the 1966-67 school year. Other persons employed in the school system include three clericals, three custodians, eight lunchroom personnel, including Mrs. Mary Jo Spurlock, cafeteria manager, and teachers’ aides.

STAR –– Richard McFarlin returned to the School of the Ozarks after spending a week at home.

New Post-War records continue to be set in the sales of Series E and H U.S. Savings Bonds.  According to Lyle Pettie, chairman of the Douglas County Savings Bonds committee, investments in Series E Bonds were the highest for any July since 1940. County-wide purchases amounted to $17,012, the chairman reports, bringing the total sales of E and H bonds here to $73,648 for the first seven months of 1958.

EVANS –– I understand the Evans store has changed hands, Mrs. Faye Forrest is the new owner.

Uncle Edd Malone observed his 91st birthday Aug. 13.

ARNO –– Mr. and Mrs. George Guthery attended a birthday dinner Sunday at the home of their son, Delmer and family in Ava for Delmer. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sanders (his grandparents), his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Duckworth and sons, and a brother, Mr. and Mrs. Damon Guthery and family of near Ava.

Two Grand Award Winners were selected Aug. 16 in the ninth annual 4-H Electric Awards Pro-gram, sponsored by White River Electric Cooperative. The winners were selected in an area contest, held in the home economics class-room of Branson High School. Winning in the girl’s division was Sharon Porter of the Excelsior 4-H Club in Douglas County. She is the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Porter of route 5, Ava. Winning in the boy’s division was Steven Baker, of the Christian Center 4-H Club in Christian County. He is the 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Baker of Ozark.

A total of 57 boys are compet-ing for starting positions on the Ava High School Bears football team which plays its first game here Friday night, Sept 9 against Salem.


75 Years Ago

August 28, 1941


Most fishermen around here use four or five foot casting rods, but C. O. Daves is one who likes to use a fly rod, which is twice as long but light in weight.  Fishing on Bryant Creek Tuesday C. got three strikes and bought home two bass. One was 19 ½ inches long and the other measured 14 ¾ inches.

School will open in Ava Monday with an enrollment expec-ted to be about the same as last year in spite of the fact that there was a decrease in the number of 8th-grade graduates last year, according to C.W. Parker, superintendent.  Ava is one of the three highest ranking schools in the state in the number of non-resident high school pupils, Mr. Parker said. The buses brought 400 non-resident high school pupils last year and they are expected to bring in about the same number this year.

Ava’s recently organized base-ball team, the Independents, made two straight wins over Gainesville the past two Sundays.  The Inde­pendents beat Gainesville 6 to 5 in a game played here a week ago Sunday, then won another victory over the same team at Gainesville last Sunday by a score of 3 to 2.  Ava’s lineup and scoring: H. Smith, ss, 0 hits, 0 runs; Bill Guthrie, 2b, 0 hits, 0 runs; Wade Hartley, cf, 0 hits 0 runs; Dick Ritter, 3b, 2 hits, 2 runs; Bob Scribner, p, 0 hits, 0 runs; Orville Nall, c,   2 hits, 1 runs; Leslie Scribner, lf, 2 hits, 0 runs; Harvel Shinpaugh, rf, 1 hit, 0 runs; Hubert Morgan, 1b, 2 hits, 0 runs.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Givans and two children, Virginia and Bobby, left Monday for Rochester, Minn., where Miss Virginia will enter the nurse’s training department of the Mayo hospital. Miss Givans will enroll in the school Tuesday, Sept. 2, and until then the Givans family will spend the time sightseeing.

In the local D.J. Bender Cheese Factory 19–20,000 pounds of milk is converted daily into cheese.  Cheese is shipped out of the plant every week.  D.J. Bender started making cheese here June 7, 1937 but the present building has been used only a little more than a year. It is built of stone and concrete.  Mr. Bender has five employees at the plant. Two of them are Kennard Spurlock and Lowell Bradshaw.  The plant is just north of the Ava city limits.

Carnation Company receives an average of 157,000 pounds of milk daily. The company has 1,750 patrons and a monthly payroll of $100,000 making it Ava’s leading industry.   Starting here in August 1936, Carnation took over a vol­ume of about 90,000 pounds of milk daily from the two cheese factories it succeeded, the Dairy Belt Company and the Fred Blaus Cheese Factory.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kellogg of Seymour announce the birth of a son, David Wayne, on Tuesday August 19. Mrs. Kellogg before her marriage was Miss Lulu Spurlock of Squires. Mr. Kellogg is an em­ployee in the Seymour Carnation Company milk plant.


100 Years Ago

August 31, 1916


The rural schools of Douglas County will receive a total of $15,299.54 this year, an increase of $1,002.08 over the amount received last year.

Senator S.E. Bronson of Ozark, Christian County, the Republican nominee for re-election to the of­fice of State Senator from this the 19th district was arrested last week charged with embezzling $6,000 from the funds of the Findley Building and Loan Association of which he has been secretary since the organization of the association.

That the K.C.O. & S. Railroad will receive the contract for trans­porting the mail between Ava and Mansfield in an auto truck to be run over the rails of the road was the opinion expressed by general man­ager, Jno. W. Byng, this week. The plan is to equip a 16 passenger Studebaker truck with flanged wheels which will permit its opera­tion over the rails.

The Boston Store of Springfield, because of its rapidly increasing business has been compelled to move to larger, more centrally lo­cated quarters at 317-321 St. Louis Street, so as to more efficiently take care of this added patronage.  The Boston Store has been owned for the last six years by Netter-Ullman Dry Goods Co.

Geo. W. Boone and son Bryan, Willard Boone and son Paul, and S.F. Amyx, of Gainesville, motored to Ava Tuesday returning Wednes-day of this week. Geo. W. is enter­taining the idea of locating in Ava.

Miss Maud Penner of Prior entered the Ava High School Monday.

J.M. Johnson of Rome brought a load of 54 watermelons to town this week that weighed 1650 pounds. The largest melon weighed 47 lbs.  They are fine.

Frank Stewart had his house wired for electric lights Saturday.

TIGRIS NEWS –– The Tigris Canning Co. will commence work this week, they have engaged most of their special workers, who have been with them heretofore.


125 Years Ago

September 3, 1891


President C.H. Gentry of the Missouri World’s Fair Commission says the permanent headquarters will be located at Sedalia.

Jefferson City has set its heart on having a free ferry across the murky Missouri at that point. Sedalia will counter by running free suburban trains.

The town council of Indepen-dence has passed an ordinance making it a misdemeanor to throw rocks at electric lights.

The Missouri school book law provides the text books adopted in this State shall be “printed in the English language.”

Williams & Malone, of Webb City, were arrested by Deputy United States Marshal Lacey, charged with selling oleomargarine which had not been labeled in con­formity with the law governing its sale.

When a man advocates the return of the saloon he advocates crime and misery. You may not think of such results, but they will surely follow nevertheless. Shame on a man who will stoop so low as to try to persuade a young man to vote for the saloon.

KANSAS –– William Grimes, United States Marshal for the In­dian Territory, has taken charge of the remains of Deputy Ed Short, who was killed by Charley Bryant, one of the Dalton gang.  Mr. Grimes says that from this on, it is war of extermination. The black flag has been raised and his depu­ties will shoot on sight. Several ar­rests of Dalton’s sympathizers have already been made.

BOSTON –– Today Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes reached his 82nd birthday. No quotation could be made that would more thoroughly show forth Dr. Holmes’ chief char­acteristic – that of unfailing good humor and and cheerfulness – than the piquant one of his own: “It is better to be 70 years young than to be 40 years old.”

Jesse Huffman, of Campbell Township, called at the Herald of­fice on Saturday, and reports that work in the mining shaft on the Ellison Farm, near Roy, is pro­gressing nicely.  A shaft 8 by 7 feet is being sunk and that the indica­tions are good for lead and jack.

There is something radically wrong about the man who does not love his country and takes no inter­est in baseball.

The greatest misfortune for a wise man is to have a learned wife.

Don’t wait until your life is in danger before you pray. You will botch the job unless you have had previous practice.

Considerable interest in Douglas County’s mineral prospects is being exhibited by on-resident capitalists.  The Missouri State Geologist was at Mansfield, Mo., on Tuesday of lasts week and will make a prelimi­nary survey of portions of Douglas County this week.  Every effort possible should be made by our citizens to assist him in the exami­nation of our mineral prospects. If his report is favorable it will hasten the investment of capital in and the development of the many rich min­eral prospects of this country.