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Letter to the Editor – Bears Dinner


On Thursday, Aug. 11, at around 5:00 p.m., the Knights of Columbus hosted a spaghetti supper for the Ava Bears.  This event was a great success as there wasn’t much left over, and we hope to do this again soon.

The athletic department of the Ava schools should hold their heads-up with pride because they are over-seeing a wonderful, polite, thought-ful and well-behaved group of young adults.

Whether they win games or lose games (we hope they win them all), it does not matter, because they are already a bunch of winners as young adults.

My hat comes off to you Ava Bears, and I am sure the rest of the Knights of our council feel the same as I do.

Lewis J. Miller

         Deputy Grand Knight

                     Council 9170

                     Ava, Missouri