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The Snoop 7.28.2016

For those who are just waking up from a six-months sleep, I remind you that next Tuesday is election day across Missouri. After listening to all the presidential debates and going through two national conventions – well almost through the second (thank goodness) – you are either pumped up into a political frenzy or you are sick and tired of the whole political game and don’t want to hear another speech. However, the election coming up next Tuesday is important both here in Douglas County and across the state, and it is your duty, the duty of all of us, to go to the polls and cast a ballot.
In the Herald this week are comments from many of the candidates who took time to answer a questionnaire that was presented to them. Please, read over them and if you are not acquainted with the candidates, do your best to form an opinion and vote.
Way back in the spring, the Douglas County Republican Women’s Club and the Douglas County Central Committee hosted the Reagan-Lincoln Day Banquet. At that time several Republican candidates for statewide and local offices attended, mixed with the audience and addressed the crowd. Perhaps you had an opportunity to form an opinion about some of the candidates at that time as I did.
Since then, I have had an opportunity to visit with some of the candidates, and I can say I have been impressed by those I have talked to. I have not met all the candidates for Missouri Governor, but I feel like we are in a win-win situation this year. I think any of the four on the Republican ballot would serve the state well.
I stood face-to-face with John Brunner last spring and got a feel for where he stands on many issues. I was impressed by his military record, his strong faith, his track record as a businessman, and his desire to uphold the Constitution and make Missouri proud. If you use Germ-X hand sanitizer, you are supporting his business.
This week I had an opportunity to visit at length with Catherine Hanaway and she, too, has a lot to bring to the State Capitol – a strong faith, experience in government and as a prosecutor, and also, as she was quick to point out, “a Mom.” She cares because she is raising children in our state. She supports our public schools and believes the federal government should let the local community run its schools.
A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit down with Josh Hawley, a young lawyer who is running for Missouri Attorney General. I was impressed, too, by this young man. I can’t really comment on his opponent because I haven’t met him, and I would not ask anyone to vote simply on the basis of television advertising.
This is not intended to be an endorsement for any particular candidate or candidates, but we do smile on those who take time to visit our area and talk to folks in our part of the state.
Catherine Hanaway and I talked about the Ferguson, Mo., situation and all the things that were done wrong there. I know it’s much easier to coach from the bleachers than from the playing field, but it was obvious that Gov. Nixon did not have control, did not want control and would not support local law enforcement in their effort to take control.
During our conversation, Hanaway also pointed out that the chief law enforcement officer of the state, Attorney General Chris Koster, has refused to bring charges against those who assaulted officers, looted and burned businesses, or stirred up unrest in Ferguson. (He’s running for governor on the “other”  ticket.)
Catherine Hanaway supports Right to Work laws, would like to see the prevailing wage laws relaxed, and wants to bring vocational and technical training back into the local schools. She opposes Common Core and is pro-life; she has an A+ rating from the NRA, and says the governor must stand up for law enforcement and restore rules of the law. As Speaker of the Missouri House, she led an effort to pass the state’s first concealed carry law, overturning the veto of Gov. Bob Holden some years back.
Mrs. Hanaway also speaks highly of Senator Mike Cunningham, referring to him as “a great leader”, which is probably why no one is challenging him in August nor in November.
As for the other gubernatorial candidates, I suspect Peter Kinder will make it a tighter race than we expect. We haven’t seen him in this part of the state but as the current lieutenant governor one can expect he will have support up north. As for Eric Greitens, he seems to be running entirely on his military record which is honorable, but probably not enough to get him elected governor.