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Primary Election Next Tuesday

Voters across the state will go to the polls next Tuesday for the 2016 primary election in which parties will nominate candidates for key positions in state government.
Polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. A complete list of all polling places, as well as sample ballots showing the names of all candidates from four political parties, can be found in this issue of the Herald.
Also shown as part of the sample ballot is the Non-Partisan Skyline R-2 School levy proposition.
In Douglas County, voters will actually be electing county officials because there will be no county races in November.
The only Democrat on the ballot for a county office is W. Andrew Daniel, candidate for county surveyor. There is no Republican candidate for that office.
All other candidates on the ballot for county offices are Republicans.
Skyline R-2 Levy Proposal
In addition to electing county officials, voters in the Skyline R-2 School District will be given another opportunity to approve a tax levy increase for the operation  of the school district.
This same proposal was defeated in the April election.
The proposal would increase the school’s operating levy by 48 cents, raising the tax ceiling  to $3.43 per $100 assessed valuation.
County voters will be electing county commissioners in District 1 and District 2, and the county will be electing a new public administrator from a field of four Republican candidates.
Seeking re-election to the County Commission is District 1 Commissioner Craig Cunningham, who is being challenged by Velber Lehmann. Seeking re-election in District 2 is Leon Potter. He is challenged by Lawson Curtis.
Candidates for a first term as public administrator are Shelia D. Miller, Bonnie Evans, Micca Sims and Portia Potter. Incumbent public administrator Linda Coonts is not a candidate for re-election.
Other county officials whose names appear on the ballot without opposition are Republicans: Sheriff Chris Degase, Assessor Alicia Degase, and Coroner Rick Miller.
There are also a couple of races for township committeeman and committeewoman on the Republican ballot.
Dennis Uhles and Dave Fleagle are candidates for committeeman in Benton Township. Candidates for Republican committeewoman in McMurtrey Township are Susie Griswold, M. Ruth Hamilton and Judith Hutchison.
Candidates for the various state offices are:
For U.S. Senator
Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt is challenged by Kristri Nichols, Bernie Mowinski and Ryan D. Luethy.
Democratic candidates are Chief Wana Dubie, Cori Bush, current Secretary of State Jason Kander and Robert Mack.
Candidates for U.S. Senator in the Libertarian Party are Jonathan Dine and Herschel L. Young.
Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senator is Fred Ryman.
For Governor
In Missouri’s race for governor, a total of nine candidates – four Republicans, four Democrats and a Libertarian – are hoping to replace Democrat Jay Nixon. Republican candidates are Catherine Hanaway, Eric Greitens, John Brunner and current Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.
Democratic candidates for their party’s nomination are Leonard Joseph Steinman II, the current attorney general Chris Koster, Eric Morrison and Charles B. Wheeler.
Libertarian Party candidate for governor is Cisse W. Spragins.
For Lieutenant Governor
Candidates for lieutenant governor of Missouri include Republicans Arnie C.-ACDienoff, Bev Randles and Mike Parson.
Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor are Winston Apple, Russ Carnahan and Tommie Pierson Sr.
Steven R. Hedrick is the Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor.
For Secretary of State
Seeking the party nomination for the office of Missouri Secretary of State are Republicans Will Kraus, John (Jay) Ashcroft, and Roi Chinn.
Democratic candidates for secretary of state are Bill Clinton Young, Robin Smith and MD Rabbi Alam.
Libertarian for secretary of state is Chris Morrill.
For State Treasurer
Eric Schmitt is the only Republican candidate for state treasurer.
Democratic candidates are Pat Contreras and Judy Baker.
Sean O’Toole is the Libertarian candidate for state treasurer.
For Attorney General
Candidates for Missouri Attorney General include Republicans Josh Hawley and Kurt Schaefer.
Democratic candidates are Jake Zimmerman and Teresa Hensley.
For U.S. Representative in Congress (District 8)
U.S. Representative Jason Smith is seeking the Republican nomination for re-election and he is being challenged in the primary election by Todd Mahn, Phillip S. Smith and Hal Brown.
Unopposed for the Democratic nomination for 8th District representative is Dave Cowell.
Jonathan Shell is on the Libertarian ballot for U.S. Representative in District 8.
For State Senator (Dist. 33)
Missouri Senator Mike Cunningham is unopposed in the Republican primary next Tuesday and will be unopposed in November, as there are no candidates for that office on any of the other ballots.
For State Representative  (Dist. 155)
State Representative Lyle Rowland  is the Republican candidate for re-election and is being challenged in the Republican primary by Mike Lind. There are no other candidates for that office on the other primary election ballots.