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Looking Backward 6.30.2016

25 Years Ago

July 4, 1991

The Ava R-I Board of Educa-tion voted last Thursday night to make kindergarten a half-day pro-gram in a cost-saving effort that trimmed almost $100,000 off the 1991-92 budget. Other cuts ap­proved by the board include drop­ping the district’s membership in the Missouri School Board Associ­ation, a 10-percent reduction in capital outlay, a 10-percent cut in supply accounts, and a 10-percent cut in athletic supplies and equip­ment. The school crosswalk guard also will not be replaced.

Reggie Spurlock will conduct a wood sawing contest at the 1991 Douglas County Fair. The contest will be held on Thursday evening, July 11, beginning at 4:30 p.m.  Trophies will be awarded in each class.

The Citizens Bank of Ava has received an A rating in The Highest Rated Banks in America. This places Citizens Bank among the top 10 percent of banks in the United States.  The Bank of Gainesville is rated an A-plus bank for safety and soundness, and People’s Bank of Mtn. Home (Ark.) is rated A-plus.

Keeping with their goal to help the youth of Douglas County, Ava Rebekah Lodge presented a check for $300 to the DOW Camp fund.  Elbert Luna, treasurer of the Rebekah Lodge, presented the check to Theta Porter, president of the DOW Camp, which provides a camping program for under-privileged children of the commu­nity.

GOODHOPE –– Donna Dodson and Rosie Barnes had a real good visit with Lodean Lethco and Granny Belle Wednesday evening.

FOIL & CLARK – Mrs. Shirley Piland called on her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Carter, Tuesday afternoon.

CRESTVIEW HEALTHCARE- On June 7, Nimi and Lew Heigham were gracious hosts once again this year for the annual picnic.

50 Years Ago

 June 23, 1966

Local Boy Scout Troop Ranks High at Encampment –– Fourteen local Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster Harry Williams are home from the annual Boy Scout camp held at Camp Arrowhead near Marshfield. Scouts attending were Doug Alderman, Jeff Dye, David Emer­son, Marvin Emerson, Grant Haden, Rick Hale, John Hendrix, Mike Hutchins, Randy Reid, Chuck Shollenberger, Danny Silvey, Stephen Tallent, Randy Victor, and Reggie Victor.

Two young Ava men were treated by a local physician last Friday for injuries suffered in a two car accident at 7:11 a.m. on High­way 14, two miles west of Ava.  George Earl Young, 19, of Ava, driver of a 1961 Chrysler, suffered a right knee injury and head abra­sions, and Gary Lee Nokes, 17, of Ava, driver of a 1955 Pontiac, severe lacerations of the face.  State Trooper Joe hart said the accident happened as Nokes was making a left turn into a driveway when Young attempted to pass, collided with the side of Nokes vehicle, throwing both cars down an embankment into a culvert.

Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Johnson of Columbia announce the birth of a daughter, Kristen Lynn, May 16 at Columbia Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Collins of Ava, announce the engagement of their daughter, Connie, to Pvt. E-2 George Hetherington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flattem of Monett.

The Country Club will hold its monthly teen and college age dance this Friday night, from 9 p.m. until 12:00. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnes are the sponsors this month.

Miss Mary Kay Harnden, Route 1, Ava, received her Associate in Science degree from the School of the Ozarks this spring.  Roger Lee McFarlin, Ava, received the Asso­ciate in Arts degree, and Robert Gray Leonard, Route 4, Ava, re­ceived his Associate in Science degree.

If you’ve been seeing an increasing number of young people at work in Ava’s stores, shops and plants recently, there’s a good rea­son.  It’s all part of a new school­work program being carried out in cooperation between the State De­partment of Education, the local public school system, and Ava em­ployers.  Joe Murphy, special edu­cation teacher at the high school and vocational adjustment coordi­nator for the cooperative program here, said 29 juniors and seniors went out on the job during the past school year.

WASOLA –– Randy Snelson has had the mumps and now Gary has them.  Dougie Clayton had the measles.

Bernard McDonald Boaz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Boaz of Squires, a senior in the School of Education at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC is included on the Dean’s List for second semester.

NEW YORK –– More women in Douglas County than ever before are leading double lives –– as homemakers and as job holders.  An estimated 22.7 percent of the female population over age 14 are now employed, either part time or full.

75 Years Ago

June 26, 1941

Slim “Pickins” Wilson, Aunt Martha and Junior and other well-known entertainers will be in Ava Saturday, July 19, for a second ap­pearance in their broadcast feature.  More than 1200 persons packed the high school building here last fall when the KWTO-KGBX perform­ers presented their first show here under the auspices of the Ava Lions Club, and the club has had many requests to try and get the radio stars back for another show.

Pete Robertson, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Robertson, narrowly escaped serious injury Thursday afternoon last week when a team of horses ran away with a mowing machine on the Robertson farm five miles south of Ava.  Young Robertson was mowing oats, and stopped his team to fix the harness on the horse on the blade side of the mower. It was a young horse, and it started forward while Pete was making the adjustment. The mower was in gear, and the clatter of the blade apparently frightened the young horse.  It went faster.  Pete grasped the mane and and leaped on the horse’s back to escape the mower blade and halt the runaway team.

Lieutenant W.I. Martin of the U.S. Naval Air Force was one of nine pilots selected for intricate formation flying through Buccaneer Days at Corpus Christi, Texas.  Lt. Martin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin of Ava.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Russell announce the birth of twin daugh­ters, Beverly Ann and Carol Sue, on Saturday, June 14, at their home three miles north of Ava.

The amount of income tax collected in Douglas County in 1940 was $266.50.

Avalon Theatre … High Sierra, with Humphrey Bogart, public en­emy number 1 is trapped on the highest mountain in the U.S.  This is truly tops in “gangster” pictures. This great new 1941 thrill drama has a cast of Ida Lupino, Alan Cur­tis, Jean Leslie and a host of others.  A must see.

Mrs. Homer Harley and son, Larry, returned to Ava Wednesday after spending a few days in West Plains where they had visited Mrs. Harley’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams.

  1. TABOR –– W.H. Bristol completed the building of two san­itary toilets at Mt. Tabor school Monday of this week.

BLACK OAK – Earnest Alcorn spent Thursday night at the Dol Dobbins home.

Lawrence Thompson and Junior Frye who went to the Kansas har­vest fields ten days ago, returned home last week because of failure to find employment.

SPRINGCREEK – Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Silvey had as dinner guests Thursday Mrs. J. W. Silvey and Mrs. Arthur Thompson and Mrs. Joe Turner and daughter, Phyllis.

GIRDNER –– A shower was given Saturday night for Mr. and Mrs. Orvil Potter who were married recently.

100 Years Ago

June 29, 1916

Someone evidently preparing for the 4th, entered the KCO&S Depot last Saturday night and suc­ceeded in getting away with about 15 gallons of booze.  But, unfortu­nately for the thirsty fellows, most of the booze has been found and returned to the depot. Something over five gallons were found in the weeds south of the round house, and about four gallons were found in Wm Fletcher’s barn.  Mrs. Fletcher found the whiskey in the barn early Monday morning and immediately notified Sheriff Spur­lock.  Only one arrest, that of Ever­ett Fletcher, has been made.

While returning from Almartha last Monday, Dr. James’ three daughters of Rippee, accompanied by two young lady cousins, hap­pened to what might have proved to be a serious accident.  In fording Rippee Creek their hack was over­turned, and the girls thrown into the water, four of them succeeded in getting out without any trouble, but Rae was washed down stream.  The current was so strong it was hold­ing her under most of the time. Mae ran down the bank looking for her and found her barely able to talk. Mae succeeded in getting her out, but she was unconscious for an hour. The horses and hack were washed downstream a quarter of a mile, before they got out. The hack was badly damaged and the horses bruised considerably.

The State Auditor has approved and registered the Gainesville School building bonds and the money $7,000 is now ready. Work should begin at once on the new building so it will be completed be­fore freezing weather. A meeting of the voters of the district is called for Saturday, July1, to decide on the site.

E.B. Leller and S.G. Wallace returned yesterday from their zinc mines west of Thornfield in Ozark County. They have been at the mine for the past two or three weeks and have extracted over two tons of fine ore valued at $100 per ton. As soon as they learn more about operating the “jig” in sepa­rating the mineral from the stone they will return and continue the work. They expect to haul the ore to Ava and ship out to market from here.

Mr. Will Everett and Miss Mae Sherman were married by Elder Grant Burgin at his home near Basher Sunday June 25. Mr. Ever­ett is the son of Mrs. Chas. Giffin and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sherman.

125 Years Ago

June 25, 1891

Douglas Countyites are preparing for a general celebration of the “Glorious 4th.” There will be picnic celebrations at several place, Silverton, Mo., Squires, Mo., and Rome, Mo., are all striving to do justice to the day.

A new porch awning has been placed in front of the Bank, Curnutt & Elmore’s Grocery and the Herald building, on north side of the square.

Dr. J.H. Murray, a recent arrival from Kansas, is expecting to locate here, and if a suitable location can be obtained, will start a new store.

Joel Turner, Benton Township, having captured a fox alive, pro­poses to have a fox chase on the morning of the 4th of July at 8:30 o’clock, at which time the fox will be turned loose on the commons at Ava for the benefit of all that wish to join in the chase.

SMALLETT ITEMS –– Our road overseer Jesse Dickerson has been calling on the boys to work the roads. Some say they are not going to work, Jesse threatens to sue everyone one that fails to re­spond, which would be the right thing, as our roads need the work.

At New York last Wednesday 3,000 emigrants from Europe landed.

The Russian government has forbidden Jews to emigrate and 100 Jews are held on the frontier.

Hog cholera has broken out with great severity about Waterloo, Ia.  One farmer has lost 150 hogs.

Three new anti-trust distilleries are under way in St. Louis, being backed by wholesale whiskey deal­ers.

Twenty candidates for the naval and military academies from Con­gressman Heard’s district were examined at Sedalia, Mo., last Thursday.

George Grant, a Scotchman of Springfield, Mo., left his valise at a farm South of Arkansas City, Mo., over a week ago and has never been seen since.  It is feared he has been killed.

In Germany, there is a singular law which makes proof readers re­sponsible for what appears in the journals with which they are con­nected. One of them has undergone an imprisonment of four months for not killing an editorial which as the Reich thought, was altogether im­proper.

There are 130 female physicians in New York City.

Many Superstitions –– they have a firm grip in the Old Dominion –– There is scarcely any section in the Union so rich in legendary lure as the mother state (Virginia).  There is no ceremony around which is linked such a chain of omens, both evil and happy as a marriage.  The moon is believed to possess great power as a medium of the fates. The new moon, if seen first over the left shoulder, will bring any wish true if made then and there, looking through a plain gold ring; but to see the new moon first through the trees means certain misfortune of some sort.