Looking Backward 6.23.2016

25 Years Ago

June 20, 1991

The heat and humidity started earlier than usual this summer, and rainfall has been very limited.

Sassafras Sprouts Hoedowners participated in national clogging competition at Silver Dollar City last weekend and came away with the second place trophy.  Mabel Everett, director of the troupe, said there were a total 35 sets in the competition from all over the country.  Participants came from as far away as Idaho, Texas, and Utah, she said.  Members of the local group are Travis Evans, Cody Shelton, Colby Heckendorn, Tori Potts, Casey Shelton, Lacey Shel­ton, Tracy King and Kalie Hecken­dorn.

Sean Ray Dobbs, son of Donald and Patsy Dobbs, Ava, has been awarded an achievement scholar­ship to Central Methodist college, based on his grade point average.  He has also been awarded scholar­ships for football and track.

Dee Dee Gray, Ava, maintained a 4.0 grade point average for the second semester of the 1990-91 school year at Crowder College, Neosho.  Dee Dee, who is majoring in physical therapy, was on the dean’s list for both the first and second semesters.

Jasmin Dehaan celebrated her third birthday on June 3 with a pretty birthday cake and ice cream.

Bob Cooper had a hole-in-one at the Ava Country Club golf course recently.  Cooper’s ace came on hole No. 3.  Witnessing the hole-in-one were Theo McCall, Floyd Smith and Bryan Leeper.

SKYLINE –– Arch Lambert had a birthday this week. Happy birth­day Arch.

ARNO –– Cecilia Phipps was down Sunday to see her grandfather Cecil, and to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.

Jim McCleary and Renee Depoortere, both Ava High School students, attended the Regional Teenage Institute held at Camp Wakonda June 10-15, sponsored by the Ozarks National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

50 Years Ago

 June 16, 1966

Bob Conner, driver for Ava Produce Co., escaped possible serious injury at 11:30 a.m. last Thursday when the tractor-trailer unit he was driving went out of control and overturned two and a half miles north of Mansfield on new Highway 5.  A spokesman for Ava Produce Company said that a sudden gust of wind hit the truck which was loaded with turkeys and the driver lost control.

The dairy industry is changing rapidly in the space age as the trend continues toward larger and more efficient dairy farm units.  The total number of farms selling milk or cream is expected to show a sharp drop from 1959 to 1964. In Douglas County, however, the 1964 Agricultural Census just released shows an increase of four dairy farms in the county as compared to the 1959 figure.  A total of 636 dairy operations were reported in 1964 with 632 being reported in 1959.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Harley of Ava were notified this week of the promotion of their son, Joe H. Harley, to the grade of Airman First Class.

Little Teresa Ireland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chelmer Ireland of 505 NE 8th Street, celebrated her third birthday at a party given Saturday afternoon, June 11, at the family home from 130 until 3:30 o’clock.

Instructions in the techniques of golfing are being explained each week at the Ava Country Club to members of the newly-formed Ladies Golf Association.  Mrs. Wanda Follis of Springfield is the instruct. Members of last Wednesday’s session included Mrs. Patty Faszholz, Mrs. Sandra Turley, Mrs. Margaret Moore, and Mrs. Suzanne Phillips.

BLACK OAK –– Mr. and Mrs. Warden Turley, Boyd Turley and Suzette, went to Fort Leonard Wood Sunday to visit their son and brother, Ronnie Turley.

In the war zone is Army Pfc. David L. Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Stone of Ava, who joined the 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) as an artilleryman.

Miss Sally Tidwell of Columbia was a guest Sunday and Sunday night in the home of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Burdett, 215 NE 6th Avenue, and during the time she also visited with other family members.

The way to get your wife’s attention is to look comfortable!

NEW YORK –– With incomes such as they are locally, how much can the average Douglas county family afford to spend for a home?  How big a load may it assume in monthly carrying costs without going overboard?  These questions come to the fore at this time because, locally and in most other parts of the country, this is the traditional home-buying season.  Douglas County families whose incomes are close to the local average are in a position to go in for more expensive housing than those in most other communities.  For those whose gross incomes are as high as $18,000 a year, a house costing $36,500 is considered within bounds.

75 Years Ago

June 19, 1941

Archie Mackey and his cousin, Ralph Mackey, and Buster Brown, all of Rome, were fishing on Wednesday last week below the dam at Forsyth.  Archie, using a rod and reel, had baited his number two bass hook on his 18-pound test line with a live minnow.  A gar struck the minnow and killed it.  Archie drew it in and then threw it back into the water.  A 36-pound catfish took the bait and was hooked.  It was a strenuous and exciting ten-minute fight when Archie Mackey finally landed the 36-pound yellow catfish.  The fish measured 40 inches long.  No wonder the boys returned to the water the rest of their catch –– two small perch!

After more than two years of construction the Ava sewer system apparently is nearing completion.  City officials and representatives of WPA now believe the job can be completed within the next six to eight weeks.

Miss Esther Trettin of St. Louis arrived in Ava Monday and will start work June 24 as Douglas County health nurse.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wright announce the birth of a son Tuesday morning, June 17, in the family home on Benton Avenue.

A double wedding was held Saturday afternoon for twin sisters, Misses Lavern and Lavon Mitchell, of Goodhope, who became the brides of Bob Halstead of Goodhope, and Norman Lakey of Arno.  The girls are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Mitchell of Goodhope, and Mr. Lakey is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Lakey of Arno.  The wedding was held in the home of the Rev. Charley Johnson of Goodhope who read the marriage vows.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Henley announce the birth of a son, Floyd Russell, Monday, June 16, in the family home in Ava.

We are looking forward to August 12, the day that 6,000 soldiers are scheduled to pass through Ava enroute from Fort Leonard Wood to Camp Robinson in Arkansas.  That will be, very likely the largest single body of soldiers ever to go through here, with the possible exception of during the Civil War.  For the people of Ava and Douglas County it will be an unprecedented display of military men and equipment.

J.F. Coday, formerly a teacher in Ava High School, has resigned as superintendent of schools at Louisburg to head the school system at Hollister.

CROSS ROADS –– Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hailey, Geraldine and Edwin Hailey, Miss Kathleen Hailey of Marshfield and Corporal Glenn Harnden of Fort Leonard Wood visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Denney and sons.

Several young folks gathered at the home of Thomas Halford to charivari Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Halford who were married a few weeks ago.

Hitler’s blitzkrieg is producing a small revolution among pipe smokers in this country. With the collapse of France, the supply of brier root has stopped and pipe manufacturers are again turning to American woods.

100 Years Ago

June 22, 1916

A severe hail storm swept through this section of the Ozarks last Sunday afternoon doing considerable damage to tender crops, oat and wheat fields.

Timberlake received a shipment of 60,000 tomato plants this week, to be distributed among tomato growers who have signed acreage for the Greer Bros. & McKnight cannery.

The largest gathering in the history of the city is expected in Springfield at the Ozark Trails Convention, June 27 and 28.  There will be delegates present from five different states, and all south Missouri, being most directly interest will be represented by a gigantic throng.  The Ava delegation will join at Mansfield with perhaps fifteen car loads.

EL PASO, TEX., June 15 –– The Mexican State of Yucatan has declared war against the United States, according to a report received here today.  There is no confirmation. Yucatan is at the southern extremity of Mexico and has a government which is practically independent of Mexico City.   Reports from the border tell of constantly increasing bitterness between Americans and Mexicans. The mobilization of the National Guard is being rushed at all points.  By next Sunday, officials say, practically all of the force will be ready for duty.

B.S. Spragus and wife visited Wm. Tyson’s Sunday and on their way home, their horse became frightened at an auto and kicked the buggy to pieces. No one was hurt.

Misses Reba and Elda Norman spent Friday and Saturday of last week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P.M. Norman, who live four miles west of town.

Jack Shipps, Joe B. Hailey, Mont Inman, Ralph Malloy, L.M. Stecker, Jno Wright, Jno Eberhart, and Ona Hughes were among those who left for the Kansas wheat harvest this week.

RICHVILLE ITEMS –– A baby boy arrived at the home of C.A. Johnson June 15.

FOX CREEK NEWS –– Every-thing is lively on the creek. A social and ice cream supper every Saturday night. The last one was at the home of Austin Shockley.

BASHER –– It is reported that twin babies were born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Sullivan of Casto last week.

125 Years Ago

June 18, 1891

The natives of Matouga have massacred, roasted and devoured a French expedition from Leaugo under Paul Crampel.

The Rabbis of the principal cities of Russia have ordered a day of fasting, prayer and intercession against persecution.

When J.R. Thompson, age 65, returned from work last week, he found the house deserted. His handsome young wife, of 22, had packed her trunk and left.

Catulle Mendes fought a duel at Paris, with M. Hubert, editor of Gil Illas. The weapons were pistols and two shots were fired by each man. Neither was hit.

Three editors of Quesaltenaugo, Guatemala, have been arrested and loaded with chains for adversely criticizing the government. They are fed with bread and water and are compelled to work on the streets several hours daily.

Three women employed in the kitchen of the Manhattan Club have been taken to Bellevue Hospital, New York, in a serious condition, they have been found in their room unconscious from the effects of inhaling illuminating gas.

The use of poisoned arrows is undoubtedly of very ancient origin, said Dr. W.J. Hoffman to a writer for the Washington Star.  They are believed to have been employed in Europe in prehistoric times, and later on, according to Aristotle, Strabo and Pliny, the Celts and Gauls envenomed their shaft with the juice of a plant of the genus hellebore.  The Seythians prepared arrow poison by mixing serpent venom with the serum of putrid blood, and other instances are recorded in classic literature of people about the Black Sea and Asia Minor who practiced similar acts.  The best known and most active of arrow poisons is the woorara or curare of South America.

Professor James H. Canfield, professor of history in the Kansas State University at Lawrence, has been elected chancellor of the Nebraska State University and accepted the position.  The salary is $5,000 and his services will commence July 1.

Ava will celebrate the 4th.  A number of citizens met at the Ava Bank on Tuesday evening to make arrangements to celebrate on the Fourth. Meeting was called to order by J.M. Adams who state the object of the meeting and nominated M.C. Reynolds chairman and W.S. Platt secretary.  Officers:  president of the day, W.S. Platt; Marshal of the Day, Henry Klineline.

The fifty-two ton new breach-loading gun, the largest ever made in this country, was tried yesterday. The gun throws a distance of 15 miles, and gave all the buildings on the point of the Hook a lively shaking up.