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Looking Backward 6.16.2016

  25 Years Ago

June 13, 1991

The City of Ava has been approved for a $154,000 grant for a new water well, Mayor Bud Norman told Ava City Council Monday night.  The Community Development block Grant should be adequate to pay for a 1200 to 1400 foot well.

The winners from the Booger County Classic car show, held Sat­urday, June in conjunction with the annual Poke Salat Days celebration are being announced as they were named at the car show.  The show featured 51 entries, with both local cars and entries from as far away as Salem and Flippin, Ark., and Camdenton, Mo.

Four graduating seniors in the Southwest Missouri State Univer­sity College of Science and Math­ematics have been awarded 1991 Outstanding Senior Awards.  The recipients include Greg Burnett, Springfield; Robert Gereau, Parkville; David McWilliams, Farmington; and Penny Roberson, Ava.

Mary Mooney has been accepted as a public relations trainee by Barkley and Evergreen Advertising through the Rockhurst College Cooperative Education program.  Mooney is the daughter of Peter and Kathleen Mooney of Route 1, Ava.  She is a graduate of Ava High School.

Oscar Cunningham, Ava, is happy to announce that the annual Bible camping session will start July 8 at Camp Joy east of Ava.

L & L Cattle Company, in conjunction with Central State Salers Association, will host a Salers Field Day this Saturday. The field day will be held at the Larry Werth farm on Highway 76 north-east of Ava, beginning at 9 a.m.  Anyone interested in the Salers breed of cattle is invited to stop by.

RED BANK –– A surprise dinner was held last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Davis in honor of Leola’s 85th birthday, which was June 6, and Darlene Davis’ birthday, which was June. 5.

50 Years Ago

 June 9, 1966

Talk of a strike at the local Rawlings Manufacturing Company was revealed Wednesday by Herman McSwain, president of the Union Local No. 841 here, since a contract has not been signed be­tween the union and Rawlings.  Lou Prince, superintendent of the Ava Rawlings plant, said that he talked with the St. Louis office concerning the contract, and they informed him that a meeting for negotiations has been scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Three Ava High School juniors have been named to represent Douglas County at the 1966 session of Missouri American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary Boys and Girls State.  Participating in this annual civic workshop will be Miss Mae Dona Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allie Lee; Howard Hale, son of Mr. and Mrs. Argie Hale; and Bob House, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan House.

Contracts were signed Wednesday for a major industry to locate a manufacturing operation at Seymour. The H.D. Lee Manufac­turing Company, manufacturers of several types of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear is expected to start moving in equipment about July 18.

Miss Linda Lou Harnden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Edward Harnden, RFD 1, Ava, is the winner of the MFA College Scholarship awarded to a member of the graduating class of Ava High School.  She will attend Burge-Protestant Hospital School of Nursing in Springfield.

STAR –– Otis Ray McFarlin broke his left hand Friday.

MOUND –– Little Dwight and Mikie Armour, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Daryel Armour, are the proud owners of a Shetland pony.

COUNTY LINE NEWS –– Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pool and family of Nashville, Tenn., is visiting with his father, Virgil Pool, and his grandmother, Mrs. Lillie Pool.

CROSS ROADS –– David Kelley of Gardner, Kan., is spend­ing this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kelley. David is serving in the Army and is assigned to a missile battalion.

Misses Glenda Gentry, Janice Kay Nelson, Donna B. Tidwell and Jaycene Rina Williams, graduates of the Ava High School, have en­rolled in the Springfield Draughon Business University for the study of commercial subjects which will prepare them to accept employment in the business field.

Wesley Emerson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Emerson of Ava, graduated from Missouri University at Kansas City, June 4, receiving his degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting.

U.S. Army, VIET NAM – Army Pfc. David L. Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Stone, Route 5, Ava, was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in Viet Nam, May 22.

LONGRUN –– Mrs. Carl Evans and sons, Ken, Kevin and Randy, who left here to join Carl in Iceland a few days ago arrived safely at the naval base where he is stationed. They reported the sun was out until 11:45 p.m. and it was very hard to get the boys to go to bed.

75 Years Ago

June 12, 1941

Wesley Naugle, Glenn and Doyle Irby had a narrow escape Friday in a very peculiar accident, when a low water bridge on Cow­skin Creek gave way under a truck heavily loaded with crushed lime­stone.  Recent high waters had undermined the bridge on the downstream side, and the concrete slab gave way under the pressure of five tons of crushed limestone. The truck toppled into the stream and the three men were temporarily trapped in the cab. With the assis­tance of Game Warden A.C. Burrows of Mansfield, who just happened to be present at the time, the men succeeded in escaping un­injured through one of the cab win­dows. A wrecker and caterpillar tractor were necessary to remove the truck from the water.

If Ralph and Archie Mackey and Buster Brown, all of Rome, put forth their fishing effort this sum­mer on angling for catfish rather than bass and other so-called gam­ier fish they will have plenty good reason to do so.  Wednesday they brought back from Forsyth a 36-pound, 40-inch yellow catfish caught by Archie Mackey with a rod and reel and an 18-pound test line.  It took him about 10 minutes to land the fish.

The marriage of Miss Anna Dye daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Dye of Sweden to Vernie Halford of Brushy knob, son of Rev. Thomas Halford, was announced this week. The young couple was married June 4 at Victor by the Rev. Zim Sims.

The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Norvall Wallen on Spring Street is nearing completion and the Wal­lens plan to move into the property the latter part of next week.  The property is located on the site of the old cheese factory. The Wallens operate a Western Auto Store in Mansfield.

A woman’s concern for his health cost an aged Wright County man $55. While Alfred Owens was on his way to church he was stopped by a woman, said to be a gypsy, who asked directions. In the course of their conversation she asked if Mr. Owens had been ill, felt his forehead and exhibited quite an interest in his welfare. After her departure, he found his billfold had been riffled and he was $55 poorer.

BLACK OAK –– A stork shower was given Friday by Mrs. Arvel Davis for Mrs. Martin Kel­logg.  Those attending were Mrs. N.E. Kellogg and daughter Bernice, Mesdames Cleon Estes, Ruby Vanhouden, Charles Kellogg, C.M. Spurlock, P.D.A. Davis, Robert Hancock, Homer Turner, Bill Reed and Jesse Brown.

The Ozarks have long been noted as “The Home of Contented Cows” but it wasn’t enough just to say that for Andy Campbell.  Andy has installed a radio in his barn, and has it tuned to his favorite stations each evening while he does his milking. Andy says he has the radio for his own amusement and edifi­cation, but the cows make no ob­jections to the music.

100 Years Ago

June 15, 1916

The people generally of the Ava High School District are sadly dis­appointed to learn of the illegal name, “Ava High School District,” under which the $15,000 bonds were voted on April 18, and now to know that another election must be held for the purpose of establishing a legal name for the district.  The attorneys hold that the district must be known as the ‘School District of Ava, Douglas County, Missouri,” in order to be legally established.  There is no other recourse for the board to pursue other than to call an election for the purpose of estab­lishing the legal name.

The vicinity north of Mansfield was visited by a cyclone Monday afternoon of last week according to a report in last week’s “Mirror.”  The residence of Alex Kelley was completely demolished.  A.L. Mil­lers house was damaged con­siderably, and his smoke house blown away.  Will Heights barn was damaged and a barn on John Kennedy’s farm was blown down.

A severe wind storm and a heavy rain fall visited Hartville, Monday afternoon, the rain contin­uing almost all night.

OKLAHOMA CITY –– The only living quadruplet girls in the world are the daughters of Mrs. F. M. Keys of Hollis, Okla.  At birth the infants weighed 3¼, 4, 4¼, and 4½ pounds respectively.  Seven months after birth the lightest weighed 14½ pounds. The mother is 35 years old.

Deputy Sheriff R.F. Jenkins left here last Thursday afternoon in search of Geo. H. Rosenberger who deserted the U.S. Army at Ft. Bar­racus, Fla., on June 6, 1914.  Sher­iff Spurlock has been on the look­out for Rosenberger ever since he deserted in 1914, but had never found traces of him until last week. Deputy Sheriff Jenkins left imme­diately upon learning of his where­abouts and captured the young man at his home near Witty about mid­night. Young Rosenberger was just recently married to a Miss Hurst, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hurst, well-known and highly re­spected citizens who live on Swan Creek, and had located on a farm near Witty.

CHAMPION –– The late storm has been quite a damage by blow­ing several houses and barns away, also the Fielden schoolhouse.

STONY POINT ITEMS –– Tipp Hall, who has joined the Navy, and is now in training at Great Lakes, Ill., reports as if he is well satisfied. We wish him well.

125 Years Ago

June 18, 1891

A meeting of the citizens and businessmen of Ava was held at the Bank of Ava on Tuesday to arrange for the Celebration of the coming Fourth of July.

The Memphis Route, Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis; Kansas City, Clinton and Springfield, and Current River Roads, will make a half rate between all stations with a minimum rate of 25¢.  Tickets will be sold July 3rd – 4th, good for return July 6th, 1891.  J.E. Lockwood, General Passenger Agent, Kansas City.

  1. M. Miller is putting in a new set of scales in front of the drug­store on west side of the courthouse square which will be useful if not ornamental.

A peculiar kind of electric hand lamp for firemen is a recent English invention. The battery and lamp are contained in a copper case similar to a fireman’s ordinary lamp, and fitted with a handle for convenience in carrying.  The lamp is also suita­ble for use in mines.

George Burnham, young rail-road man of Sedalia suspected his wife of infidelity.  She denied the charge. Burnham bound her in a chair and roasted the soles of her feet until she confessed, naming several men with whom she had been intimate.

A terrific hurricane, causing much damage, has swept over Easter Galicia, Spain. During the storm an entire forest was partly uprooted, and the towns of Podkamin and Pruikwa suffered considerably.

There seems to be a mystery about the reported capture of Louis Bulling, the wife murderer, who es­caped from Savannah, Mo., a week before the day set for the hanging.  The first advice stated that he had been captured in Gal­veston, Texas, but it now appears that he is held in Chicago by the Pinkerton detec­tives, pending the settlement of the question of reward.

General H.F. Davol, collector of the internal revenue district, has just received a letter from Wash­ington relative to the new law reg­ulating the production of sugar. The McKinley law specifies that any manufacturer of sugar, may receive therefore a bounty of two-cents on each pound, provided certain regu­lations are lived up to, and the let­ter, which is as follows, explains these regulations: “Sir –– Your attention is called to the provisions of the Act of Oct. 1, 1883, which requires that producers of sugar should file their notices, applica­tions for licenses and bonds prior to July 1, in order to obtain a license.

The Pope has issued an order directing that all the employees of the financial department of the Vatican be discharged.

The Osage River is reported higher than its been for many years.