What About This…? 5.12.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

Once again, the gals playing varsity basketball for the Greatest Public University On the Face of the Earth has won the National Championship!

My brother, Jim, is a real b-ball nut. He follows college ball as if it were a good-looking woman, coaches the team at the high school where he teaches, and cannot be reached by telephone, ever, during March Madness. He is either watching the games live or reliving them on tape in super slow motion.

It is one of the few remaining older-brother prerogatives to rag him ever time UConn takes a basketball championship while his school (United States Naval Academy) concentrates on all that unimportant stuff to the detriment of their sports program.

Two years ago, when both the gals and the guys at UConn each won their respective national hoopster championships, I must have shoehorned that fact into every conversation we had for three or four months.  It was getting to the point that Jim would answer his phone by saying, “And now, a word from the Athletics Department at the University of Connecticut.”  It was great!

This year, I suppose I will have to limit my harping to a month or so.

I really wish I liked net-ball more, even when my Alma Mater is playing for, and winning, an unprecedented Fourth National Championship In A Row, and Overall – but I still find it almost as boring as soccer.  I guess it is just me.

But I do enjoy those phone calls!