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Care for a Bear Fundraiser Week May 9-13 at Ava R-1

For thousands of kids in Missouri, school isn’t just a place for learning. It’s  a shelter. A kitchen. A refuge from suffering. For these kids, hygiene needs go  unmet. Meals are few. And clothes rarely fit. They come to school distracted by  hunger and limited by embarrassment—their education an afterthought to survival.

It’s for these kids that Care to Learn was created. Care to Learn provides immediate funding   to meet   emergent health,  hunger, and hygiene needs so every child can be successful in school. A toothbrush. A coat. Deodorant. Breakfast. These are the things that stand between children and belonging –basic unmet needs that cause pain and  embarrassment.

Join Ava R-I and Care to Learn in making Care for a Bear week possible. Your help can meet students’ needs of health, hunger, and hygiene. All proceeds collected for Ava’s Care for a Bear initiative stay local and go directly to any Ava R-I student who is in need. You can drop off donations at any Ava R-I building.

There are various ways you can become a Bear Level donor through monthly payment or a one time donation. On Friday, May 13, at 9 a.m. in the high school gymnasium, there will be a district wide assembly to announce the total amount of donations to students and staff, and  recognize  all Bear Level donors.

Students and staff will be in a friendly competition among buildings and can take part in change wars with the winning grade level getting to pie a designated staff member in the face the day of the assembly.

If you have any questions about Care to Learn please contact Kati Burkdoll, High School Counselor, at 417-683-5747.