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What About This…? 5.5.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

The loss of the DoCo Recycling Center was very unfortunate but understandable. They say that funds earmarked for the very important goals of DoCo were being spent to keep the recycling center operating in Douglas County, not exactly DoCo’s mission.

Like you, we used the center often and always felt it was not only a convenience for us but also a boon to our local environment.  But, since it could not seem to be run at a profit, or to break even, support had to come from somewhere, and DoCo provided that support.   They could have charged those of us who dropped off recyclables, but that would probably not have worked out, so when DoCo had to withdraw its financing, the center closed.

We all hope that the items that would have ended up at the recycling center do not now appear on the sides of our roads.

Good news, however, may be on the horizon as the Ava Board of Aldermen’s committee on recycling is examining recycling centers around Douglas County to see how they operate, what their costs are, how they meet those costs, and if their operations can be successfully replicated here.

We all want the committee to find a way for a recycling center to again be located in Ava.  Hopefully run with attention to separating clean recyclables by us, a smart business plan, good supervision, and if need be some slight financial assistance by the city, county, state, and fed (?) we can once again have a location to drop recyclable items that would otherwise fill our dumps and perhaps litter our roadsides.

Thanks to the Aldermen!