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Letter to the Editor 4.14.2016

Dear Editor:

Here we are after the recent school board election.  Surely and hopefully those presently on the school board have recognized that the bulk of our citizens are not happy with board actions, as this board has not listened with open mind to our citizens, nor often allowed our citizens to speak openly at meetings.  Congratulations go to Lowell Strong and Troy Tredway for being elected by such a large margin.  Several vehicles came here looking for the polling place and I was also kept busy on the phone about where to vote.

My curiosity today is if those on the board now realize the errors of their way.  Or, will those on the present board now meet and make decisions based on the misinformation they have been fed before the new board members are seated?

If the current actions of our present school board are not turned around, we will lose children to home schooling, and probably some very good teachers!  The word “malfeasance” comes to my mind (I had to look this word up in the dictionary).  The meaning according to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary means “wrongdoing or misconduct, especially by a public official”.

If this is the case as I suspect, I wonder just what benefits are there for those taking our school district in what many consider the wrong direction and what needs to be done to stop this?  Would the State of Missouri investigate our situation?  Are other schools in Douglas County having similar difficulties?

The school bus drivers have tried their best to inform our citizens of the wrongness of their livelihood being attacked even though they have done an excellent job for so many years.  Word is going around that some parents are thinking of pulling their children out of the R-1 system for home schooling.  Not everyone is up to that challenge so will these parents be reported to social services for not providing what is considered a top-notch education?  Will these parents have the where-with-all to stand up to vile actions against them such as needing legal help?  As we know, the Division of Family Services doesn’t always need a horrific reason to remove children from their homes, depending on what information is supplied them (and by whom).  Will these parents be harassed just to keep the enrollment up?

This thinking comes to my mind:

Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. This term appears in U.S. immigration law beginning in the 19th century.”  Do we even consider the moral turpitude of those in charge of our children’s education, those to whom we send our children on a daily basis and those whom we trust to guide our children?

Carol Boeddeker-Genet