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Letter to the Editor 3.17.2016


My cousin Pauline Richards gifted to me a year of your newspaper, and I so enjoyed it, I have enclosed a check for renewal.

I applaud the fact that you hold the Lord and His word to a high standard in your paper.  That you give voice to your Congressmen and Senators.

Though I grew up in Wisconsin, I was born in Roy, Mo., 81 years ago.  I am related to Jenkins, Barnes, and Huffmans, to name a few.  Also Moores.

I have been to Missouri for family reunions and to visit relatives several times over the years, and I always feel like I am coming home.

We must stay faithful to our King Jesus if our nation is to survive so keep holding Him high.

Oh yes, and I enjoy the little quotes by people of the past scattered throughout your paper.

I would welcome to hear from anyone who would like to write.  I promise to answer.

Barbara (Lingle) Wilson

503 South Coleman Street

Bruce, Wis. 54819