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Rowland Seeks Re-Election As State Representative Of Missouri’s 155th District

Lyle Rowland, of Cedarcreek, currently serves as State Representative of Missouri’s 155th  district.

Lyle is a farmer. He has always been a farmer. When he graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia he started teaching vocational agriculture and became an FFA advisor. Lyle then became the administrator of a K-8 school where he was both principal and superintendent.

Lyle retired in 2006 to the family farm where he raises beef cattle with wife, Glenda, to whom he has been married 37 years. They have two daughters, Holly and Laura, and seven grandchildren.

Lyle was first elected State Representative for the people of the 143rd  district in 2010. He was elected to the newly formed 155th  district in 2012 and is seeking his final term of representing the people of the 155th  district.

Lyle fully understands the issues facing our rural livelihood. He has and will fight to protect our property rights and our rural heritage.

Lyle understands the issues that trouble our families: money, housing, schooling, transportation and health, just to name a few.

Lyle believes in the right to life and that we must protect all people of Missouri from the elderly to the unborn. He has always been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life.

Lyle is a man of strong faith and will protect the sanctity of marriage.

Lyle also understands the Second Amendment. Lyle is a hunter and a member of the NRA, and will continue to uphold your right to bear arms.

As a Missouri educator for 31 years, he also understands the effort that it takes to educate not only a child but the community.

Rowland stated: “There are no easy solutions to the problems our state faces; however, there are basic principles that must guide us. The chief among them is putting the power of government back in the hands of the people.”

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