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Letter to the Editor 2.25.2016

Dear Editor,

Thanks you for the excellent article on the Common Core presentation given to Ava-R-I School Board.

The Governor and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education did not think this program through before they adopted it. It appears to harm our students at great cost to the taxpayer.

In this post-Christian era we live in, we can no longer trust agencies and elected official to make our decisions. The beauty of self-government is that the decision to adopt the program should rest with our locally elected school boards and not be left up to state agencies or state officials, who have different decision-making criteria than the local parents and taxpayers.   It is up to the parents to dig into this and find out the facts on both sides of the argument. They need let their school board know their feelings.

Local school boards have complete authority to reject this very costly and dangerous program that has no proven gain in benefits to the children.

Beth McElvain – Ava


Dear Editor:

My thoughts on the recycling center are something that the east end of the county are concerned with. Ava can do what they want but the county doesn’t need to help them. The county has got more irons in the fire now than they can keep hot. We pay for a library tax with no benefit.

If they want more money let them go after the taxes that the counties are getting from the telephone tax that is not staying in Douglas County.

If the county commission helps with this tax the east and west ends shoud be exempt from it. The only thing Ava and the county commission wants from us is our tax dollars.

Robert E. Moore – West Plains 

(Douglas County resident)