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Local Resident Offers Comfort to Children

Marilyn Sickler, a Douglas County resident who lives on A Highway, recently undertook a special project to help others, but the task had to be something she could do while sitting, as she is recovering from hip replacement surgery.  Marilyn, above, is pictured with 180 bags, and each one is filled with a soft plush pillow that has an “I Am Loved” decal in the corner.  Every bag also contains a soft toy. These special gifts are ready to be distributed to children in crisis through a number of local agencies, such as, Ava Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and other organizations, including, Harmony House, The Kitchen, Red Cross, and Salvation Army.  Marilyn’s hope for each child receiving a gift is that a soft pillow to rest upon, and a toy to play with, will help ease the distress they feel.  Additional folks helping with the project include:  Denny Dorsten, Kathy Cantrell,  Jeanie Armstrong,  Christine Herndon,  Liz Lux, DeOndra Carnall Edwards,  Denney Chiropractic, Jim Annon from North Carolina,  Richard and Marsha Srader from Texas, and Jim Sickler, who helped with transportation and hauling supplies, while Marilyn is using a walker.