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Looking Backward 2.18.2016

25 Years Ago

February 14, 1991


The main building housing the office and shop of Johnson’s Salvage and Wrecker Service north of Ava was destroyed by fire last Saturday afternoon.  Grass fire that got away from a neighbor appar­ently set off the fire that completely destroyed the 30×30-foot metal building and all its contents, an adjoining building containing new automotive parts, and a large in­ventory of salvage parts scattered around the property.

The work of artist Elizabeth A.J. Brown of Ava was selected by juror, Mort Sajadian, director of the Museum of Art and Archeology at MU to be part of the “State Art Educators Exhibit.”   Brown teaches art K-12 at Hartville and Grovespring.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael A. Woolbright, an aircraft pneudraulic systems technician, has arrived for duty at Kadena Air Base, Japan.

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Ivan E. Clark, tactical aircraft maintenance technician, has arrived for duty at Moody air Force Base, Valdosta, Ga.

Sammy Martin was hostess for the Wednesday afternoon bridge club Feb. 6, when they met at PJs.  The ladies ate lunch at noon then played five rounds of bridge. Billie McGill won high score, Norma Pettit second high and Betty Due­wiger low.  Other members present were Dorothy Maloney and the hostesss.

Howard Hammons will receive his 50-year pin at the regular meeting of the Ava Masonic Lodge on Tuesday night, Feb. 19, recog­nizing 50 years of membership in the Masonic Lodge.

GENTRY/RAINBOW RIDGE – Earl Watson took Mr. and Mrs. Glen Johnson to Springfield Monday for Mrs. Johnson’s doctor checkup.  While there they visited at the hospital with Maxine John­son of Bourbon, Jack Johnson of Mt. Vernon and Archie Wallace of Thornfield.


50 Years Ago

 February 10, 1966


Two local teenagers were injured in sledding accidents in Ava last Thursday afternoon.  Ruth Crutcher, 13-year-old daughter of Rev. John Crutcher, pastor of Ava General Baptist Church and Mrs. Crutcher, received facial side and back injuries Thursday afternoon when she was thrown from her sled while coasting at the suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Welton.  The accident happened when the girl’s sled hit a concrete post.   A 13-year-old boy, Ricky Hale, son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hale, received shoulder and back injuries and multiple bruises in another accident Thursday after­noon.  Young Hale was coasting on a hill on SW 4th Avenue in Ava and was injured when he chose to hit a car parked in front of the American Legion Building rather than to run into a moving pickup that had driven into his path.

Prosecuting Attorney Gladys B. Stewart has been appointed Doug­las County Probate and Magistrate Judge to fill the unexpired term of Judge Willis H. Mitchell who re­signed Dec. 31, it was announced this week by Gov. Warren E. Hearnes.

All-day kindergarten classes will be held at the Ava Elementary School beginning Monday, it was announced this week by Principal Clyde Bell. “We now have permis­sion from the federal government to conduct kindergarten school all day beginning Feb. 14,” Mr. Bell said in a statement to the parents this week.

The Ava Country Club club­house will be open Sunday, Feb. 20 from 1 to 4 p.m. for inspection by the public.

Did you ever stop to think that no horse goes as fast as the money you bet on him?

SAN ANTONIO –– Airman David C. Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Loran D. Jenkins of Ava, Mo., has been selected for technical training at Keesler AFB, Miss., as a U.S. Air Force communications-electronics specialist.

In this day and age when every news report and every means of communication stress the number of traffic fatalities and driving vio­lations it seems very unusual to find a man, who has had a perfect driving record for 45 years right in your own community.  Yet John Brown, who lives a few miles south of Ava on Missouri Highway 5, holds such a record.  Mr. Brown, 64, bought his first car in mid-October 1920, and since that time he has operated a car, a truck or a pickup truck at all times.  During 45 years of driving Mr. Brown has never had the slightest kind of an accident and has never had a traffic ticket for any kind of a traffic vio­lation.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stillings of the Pleasant Green community have sold their 380-acre farm to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Merritt of Tonopah, Ariz.  Mr. and Mrs. Stillings have purchased the prop­erty of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hailey located 4½ miles west of Ava.


75 Years Ago

February 13, 1941


Douglas County’s alms house is to be liquidated and the county farm rented.  The county farm, one mile north of Ava, was established in 1916, and has been operated as a county institution continuously since that time. The greatest num­ber of inmates housed there at any one time was perhaps during the early part of 1935 when 24 persons were wards of the county home.  In 1936 the number dropped to 18. The average over the entire period was perhaps not more than 15 per­sons.  A large percentage of inmates in the county home have been elderly people but for several years the county also kept some feeble minded patients there to avoid the heavy expense of them in state institutions.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hutchison and two sons and Hubert Hutchison visited Sunday at Denlow with Mr. Hutchison’s sister, Mrs. George Cole and family, and at Coldspring with Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Mallernee.

The work of building and fur­nishing a room for the Mansfield Library is going forward rapidly and the room is expected to be ready for use within a few days.  It is hope to have the library ready to open by the middle of the month.

STAR –– Junior Platt spent Sunday in the Archie Cunningham home.  The C.W. Northrups called there Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith and son of the Champion community have moved to one of the houses on the Austin Cox property. Mrs. Smith was the former Jewell Cole, of Denlow.

ROY –– A letter received Mon­day from Vernon Stafford states that he is feeling fine, and hasn’t had an ache or pain since he arrived at Phoenix, Arizona.  The weather there is very warm, he says, and the children are all going barefooted.

BERTHA –– Irene Pool of Blanche visited over the weekend with her brother, Glen, of Bertha.

Radio station KWTO’s gospel singers are expected to be present for the regular third Sunday com­munity singing at the courthouse here next Sunday.  Singings are held at the courthouse the third Sunday each month.

Aircraft factories in seven cities of this area will need 100,000 trained men for airplane construc­tion.  Average weekly wage for men starting in aircraft industry is approximately $25.00 to $35.00, with rapid advancement for quali­fied men.

Horace Johnson, Roy Davis and Kenneth Gastineau left Monday night for Rolla where they have employment.

Mrs. O.K. Welton was hostess at a stork shower at her home in honor of Mrs. Velta Jefferson.  After the many lovely gifts were admired refreshments were served to the following: Mesdames C.W. Northrup, Jeff Heatherly, R.V. Roper, Acie Merritt, Clifford Paddleford, Pete Scherer, Archie Bacorn, Norman Dickison, Lois Shelburn, Roth Rowe, Misses Nella Lee and Lola Heatherly, Alice, Opal and Lois Shelburn, the hostess and two co-hostesses, Mrs. H.L. Alderson and Mrs. Robert Cun­ningham, and the honoree, and two children.


100 Years Ago

February 17, 1916


Two interesting basketball games were played between the high school class teams last Friday evening. The score between the Seniors and Freshmen was 18 to 10 in favor of the Freshmen.  The score between the Juniors and Sophomores was 12 to 15, in favor of the Sophomores.

431 births and 132 deaths were registered in Douglas County dur­ing the year 1915. Local registrars received a total of $144.75 allowed by the county court. Registrars are allowed 25¢ each for every death or birth reported to the Secretary of the State Board of Health at Jeffer­son City, Mo.

Earnest Norris returned from Mansfield Monday, where he has been assisting Sam Hoover with a bunch of mules.

H.E. Bash has accepted the Ava agency for Armour & Co. and will succeed C.G. Blair who gave up the agency on account of not having sufficient time to devote to the work.

Richard Waters is reported on his way home from Manila aboard the U.S. Battleship Saratoga.

SILVERTON CHAT –– An epidemic of whooping cough is sweeping our vicinity.

George Beason is improving after a two month siege of Typho-Malaria.

OAK GROVE NEWS –– The roads are almost impassable in this vicinity.

Bill Holt Leaves the Farm –– having worked hard and made little show, and waded thru mud, sleet, and snow.  So here I throw down the brush hook, the shovel, and the hoe, studying about how them hot winds will blow, and the weeds will grow.  Now to the Ava Barber Shop I go, and break whiskers with old black Joe.

J.F. Shull of Holden, Mo., has recently spent a week with his brother, W.A. Shull of Silverton.

NOTICE!  That the spring of 1916 will bring the greatest demand for automobiles ever known is cer­tain. And those who contemplate the purchase of a car are asking themselves the question “What car should I buy?”  Metz 1916 Model – This is the simplest car with fewer parts of any car on the market today. No gears to strip, no clutches to slip.  $600.00 fully equipped, electric lights, electric starter.


125 Years Ago

February 19, 1891


NEW YORK, Feb 18 –– Gen. W.T. Sherman died on Saturday afternoon.  He was surrounded by his family and dear friends. His last hours were without suffering, though he was full conscious.  By General Sherman’s request his body will be buried beside that of his wife in St. Louis, and by his expressed wish a military funeral will be held with Ransom Post G.A.R., of which he was a member in charge of the ceremonies. The funeral in New York will take place on Thursday afternoon and a funeral train of three cars will then start for St. Louis, where the final obsequies will be held on Saturday afternoon.

CHICAGO, Feb. 17 – Evidence accumulates against Gibson, sec­retary of the mammoth whisky trust, and no doubt remains in the mind of any that he plotted to have a United States gauger blow up the Schufeld Distillery and its 150 workmen.  The Schufeld distillery is the largest concern refusing to go into the 35 million dollar trust and it was doing the trust great financial injury. The government gauger was to receive $15,000 worth of stock in the trust, and that amount with a bottle of the terrible explosive was found in the secretary’s valise when arrested.

Christian County Collector, C. M. Anderson, was attacked in his office over in the Christian County Bank yesterday morning, by W.M. Wade, who soon had him down and his foot on Anderson’s neck, and but for the timely arrival of help he would have probably been badly injured.  As it was, he escaped with slight injuries.  The cause of the assault was that Mr. Anderson had Wade arrested for the terrible abuse given him last week.  The case of the State v W. M. Wade for dis­turbing the peace of the City Collector came off before Squire Duraunt, yesterday afternoon. Trial by jury. Verdict of not guilty, we suppose on the ground that the Collector should have been able to take “a right smart cussin” without being disturbed.

A farmer who left Audrain County to locate in the Arkansas Valley of Colorado, in a letter back to his friends, says:  If you have a little home in Missouri and are thinking of selling out and going west and growing up with the country, you had better stay where you can get plenty of corn bread and cabbage, for you cannot get it here.”

Notice is hereby given that my wife, Susan A. Hodges, having left my bed and board without reasona­ble cause, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her.    Roy, Mo., Feb16, 1891.  E. Hodges

Frank Denney, who has been very near deaths door, is slowly recovering.  Drs. Davis and Osborn have been attending him.

600 pieces of china to be given away; go to J.M. Curnutt & Co. for them.