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ZZ Bridges Over Fox Creek in Douglas County

SIKESTON— The Missouri Department of Transportation will post a 15-ton weight restriction on two Route ZZ bridges over Fox Creek in Douglas County.

“We compared the results of the most recent inspection to that of the previous and found that the condition of each structure has deteriorated,” said Southeast District Bridge Engineer Ed Hess. “Based on our findings, we recommended additional restrictions to be placed on both structures.”

Hess said the newly posted weight limits will restrict any vehicles over 15 tons traveling across the bridge. In addition to the 15-ton limit, all overweight, over-dimension permit traffic will be permanently restricted.

“It is imperative for vehicles over 15 tons to use alternate routes,” Hess stressed. “Compliance with this restriction is necessary to keep all travelers safe and to keep the bridges open as long as possible.”

The bridges are located on a minor route and will receive limited repairs at this time. Missouri’s insufficient funding limits the number of structures repaired or replaced, so the structures will remain load posted until funding to repair or replace it becomes available.

Hess also said the bridges will have special inspections performed every six months to monitor their condition.

Both bridges are 55-years-old and most Missouri bridges have been designed for a 50-year life.

For more information, please contact Hess at (417) 469-6284 or call MoDOTs Customer Service Center at 1-888-275-6636.