Letter To The Editor – DoCo Inc. 1.28.2016


In our quarterly meeting recently, the DOCO, Inc. Sheltered Workshop board of directors made the difficult decision to close the recycling center effective Tuesday March 15.

We have struggled to keep the focus of DOCO, Inc. on the Sheltered Workshop and its handicapped employees, all while trying to juggle the never-ending increase in recyclables coming in to the center.  Sadly, we weren’t being very effective with either one.  So we made the hard decision to close the recycling center and put our full effort back to the DOCO, Inc. mission statement of “providing meaningful employment to handicapped people in Ava and the surrounding area.”

We are fully aware this is an unpopular decision, but be assured that we did not act in haste.  We have monitored and reviewed the data for well over a year, and have explored many other ideas for the recycling center.  However, none proved to be advantageous for the Sheltered Workshop and its handicapped employees (our mission).  Furthermore, we could not justify placing a financial burden on the Sheltered Workshop just to keep the recycling center functional.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. is the last day that recycling will be accepted at the DOCO, Inc. Sheltered Workshop.

Until that date, the recycling center will accept:  aluminum, tin, cardboard, plastic, and paper.   We do not accept: glass, trash, Styrofoam, or any kind of dumping.   Please.

We appreciate the support of our community in this decision.  We were glad to be part of a good and necessary service for all these years, and will gladly support anyone that might have the desire to take over this service in the future.

DOCO, Inc. Sheltered Workshop

 Board of Directors

Cindy Heath, chairman