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Letter to the Editor – Cipriano 1.28.2016

To The Editor:

Thank you so much for your continuing coverage of the Ava R-I School Bus Transportation Issue that has been going on for some time.  The two articles in last week’s paper (“Ava R-I Hears About Sunshine Law…” and “Ava R-I Holds January Session”) were very informative even to someone like me who has been present at some of those School Board meetings.

Two things that may be of importance to Douglas County taxpayers are:  1) Why the present system of bus transportation is being changed.  2) For comparison to the three options being considered by the School Board for changing the present system, what were the costs involved in bus transportation for the last two or three years under the present system.

This comparison will be of particular value when over the next several years the actual, not the projected costs of changing from the present system to a different system are published by the School District.

As a Douglas County taxpayer interested in as low a property tax as possible and a Douglas county resident interested in providing the best possible public education to our youngsters this information is of great importance to me and I’m sure many others.

There are many dangers as well as benefits when any system is modified based solely or even partially on economic factors.

Money is very important.  Public education is very important.  Our attention to both simultaneously is essential.

Wayne William Cipriano

Douglas County