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Homemade Product To Help Save Money

By: Mindy Johnson


Who doesn’t love time spent in fellowship? Especially when food is involved. I must say, I am a sucker for a good get-together among others, whether it be at a family gathering, with my small group at church, or for a charity event. I enjoy cooking, most days and I take great pride in presentation. Yes, I am the girl who buys dishes just for serving and parsley, just to add color and a decorative touch in my staged plate display. The downfall to most serving dishes is that they do not come with lids and how attractive is plastic wrap? Saran Wrap is more than frustrating to me, and I seem to waste more than I use at times. I’ll pull it from it’s long, cardboard container, being sure to keep taut, carefully run the sharp, metal, teeth across, only to lose all control before getting it placed on my bowl or serving container. I then end up with a ball of cellophane cling wrapped to itself, doing no good except taking the place of a stress ball at that very moment.

Reliving these moments, are what inspired me to use this idea as the Homemade Product To Help Save Money. Plus, it sure adds an ornamental flair and looks good on my grandmother’s vintage bowls, DIY Reusable Food Wrap.

This sounds messy and hard, but requires only a few items and can be done in a short amount of time. Things needed:

Tin foil

Cookie sheet

Cheese grater




Cotton fabric or organic muslin.

Directions: Grate beeswax and cut fabric to the exact size desired, 10×11 and 13×16 are good sizes for casserole dishes. A good sized circle works best for bowls. Preheat oven to 185 degrees Farenheit. Line cookie sheet with tin foil. Place fabric on cookie sheet and sprinkle grated beeswax over the top. A little goes a long way. It’s much easier to have too little and add than to have too much. Bake in oven until beeswax is fully melted. It takes less than 10 minutes. Use the paintbrush to spread beeswax evenly over the fabric. Wax will harden on paintbrush, but to reuse for more food wraps, warm bristles up by placing in the oven for a few minutes. Make sure the sheets are fully covered in beeswax. Pick up fabric and let cool. Once they’re cool they are ready to be used. Just place over any dish using the warmth of your hands to mold to side of dish. Using a cute, but tightly woven cotton fabric with a pattern will compliment any dish color. These can be reused and cleaned by washing off with cold water and a mild dish soap and then dried. These are not recommended to cover uncooked meats due to the washing instructions. Without using hot water to clean the Reusable Food Wrap, there is no guarantee in killing bacteria caused by fresh meat. Hot water is not recommended for cleaning such a wonderful product as it will melt the beeswax and cause it to crack. At that point it becomes more of a disposable product than a reusable product.

I hope this Homemade Product To Help Save Money becomes a useful and fun project.