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The Snoop 1.15.2016

A word to Stan Kroenke – Don’t let the turnstile hit you in the backside as you leave.

One thing that I’m not clear on is all of Kroenke’s bad-mouthing of the St. Louis community for not supporting the team. From what I’ve picked up in the reports, Kroenke is moving the team because St. Louis and Missouri will not build him a new stadium. So, he’s taking the team to California where HE will build a billion-dollar complex. Hmmmm.

Kroenke brags about his financial success, but it doesn’t hurt that he married into the Walton empire.

* * *

Did you watch the State of the Union Address last night? Me neither. I had better things to do.

Remember the country song by Terri Clark a few years ago? I’ve got better things to do like: “Wash my car in the rain or change my new guitar strings. Mow the yard just the same as I did yesterday… check the air in my tires, straighten my stereo wires… count the stars in the sky or just get on with my life.”

I did read some reports Wednesday morning on the president’s speech, however, and the most encouraging words I heard were, “His final …”

* * *

Dan Wadlington from Sen. Roy Blunt’s office attended the Ava Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting Tuesday and we had a chance to visit after the meeting. I’ve known Dan a long time – since he worked is Blunt’s state office and with Congressman Mel Hancock. Dan told me about a project he is working on right now with the U.S. Forest Service to clean up a trash dump in the national forest near here.

Dan and I also visited with David Davidson, manager of Ava’s Bill Martin Memorial Airport. David said we are really close to having fuel available at the airport, and after that a new weather station will be set up at the airport. It’s encouraging to see the progress being made there.

* * *

And finally, from Sheila Heil’s “Lighter Side” in the Gospel Greats Weekly Newsletter: “On our first anniversary, after a romantic candle-lit dinner, my wife emerged from the kitchen with the finishing touch: the top of our wedding cake for dessert. At the first cut, the iced layer ‘squeaked’ at us. For an entire year, we had saved in our freezer a round chunk of frosting-covered Styrofoam.