Dugger Report 1.15.2016

The Missouri House is back in session! Due to term limits, this will be my final session serving as a State Representative in the Missouri General Assembly.

This year I will again be focused and determined on passing Voter Photo ID legislation. I have sponsored House Joint Resolution 53, which is a constitutional amendment that will allow for the legislature to enact photo identification requirements in order to vote. This is a crucial measure that needs to be enacted to prevent fraud in Missouri’s voting booths.

This session I will continue to chair the House Select Committee on Financial Institutions and Taxation. In addition to my chairmanship, I will sit as a member of the House Committees on Elections, Telecommunications, and Utility Infrastructure.

The opening day of the 2016 legislative session was marked by a speech from House Speaker Todd Richardson in which he called upon members to work together to, “find answers to the seminal challenges of our time and make tough decisions.”Richardson reminded members that the Missouri House of Representatives, “cannot be a place where inaction, infighting and indifference define us.  This must be a place where we tackle and solve real problems.”

In setting the tone for the upcoming session, Richardson reminded his colleagues that while much had been accomplished, the legislature still has much to do. Richardson noted that, “We live in a state where wages are stagnant.  Consider this; the spending power of a Missouri family is $5000 – less than it was at the start of this century.  We live in a state where a devastating cycle of dependency traps too many of our fellow Missourians in poverty. More people are on government assistance than ever before. Spending on welfare and entitlement programs is growing at a rate faster than our economy.” Richardson called on his colleagues to work together to help find solutions to the problems facing Missouri families, and to develop ideas that will allow Missourians to pursue the American Dream rather than be trapped in poverty.

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