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What About This…? 1.14.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

I don’t know why, I suppose it is the conglomeration of the holidays beginning with Halloween and going through New Years, but I have seen a boatload of cooking shows or cooking segments on other television shows recently.

Some of the shows are perfectly scripted and executed (think Martha Stewart), others are almost slapdash and wing-it-as-you-go (most morning shows), but all of these cooking explorations have one thing invariably in common.

At the end of the exercise, whatever was cooked, baked, or prepared, is sampled and without any variation at all the same thing happens –– Everyone who samples the treat raves boundlessly (except for Martha Stewart who opines “it’s a good thing”) over the wonderful taste, the beautiful presentation, the fabulous novelty, and so on.

Now, it is true that these shows use the freshest, most expensive, and therefore the “best” ingredients. And, no doubt, each recipe or procedure has been tried and perfected in advance of broadcast. And, of course, some sort of evaluation of the final product will have been accomplished well before we see the action on television. So we should not be surprised by the uniform ecstasy when the product is sampled.

Still, wouldn’t it be great to see just once that which each of us has experienced when tasting the cooking of others from time to time? Wouldn’t it be great to see a face scrunched up in uncontrollable surprise and distaste, and with “what the ….” Plainly written on the face of a sampler, and hear the same words we have spoken in similar situations: “Well, that is very…… different, isn’t it?”