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Letter to the Editor 12.31.2015

Dear Editor:

Did everyone read Sue Curry’s article from last week’s front page? This was an in-depth, excellent article on our school bus problem! Actually, the problem is not just our school buses or drivers. Our property taxes are due this week and a large portion of these taxes are for our school system. And, it seems there is a problem regarding those “in power” in our school system. So, how are your tax dollars being spent? If the readers bother to read the entire Curry article they can clearly “see” first hand that the very values that we try to impart to our children such as truth, no longer seems to be a value in all of our educational authorities. Whether this is by design or ignorance, or by “good old boy” misplaced partnerships, this sort of behavior goes beyond our school issues, which also affects other arenas and segments of Douglas County business and activities and some seemingly acting with impunity. The Herald is to be commended on its willingness to provide us with the truth and many who know the truth are implicit by their silence.

Our school bus drivers are being harassed and I, for one, want to know what is going on behind the scenes. The proposals being offered to change a well working system are ridiculous and this appears to be an effort to control and take over a process that has worked for over 60 years. Why?   Who profits from such a plan? The State of Missouri did NOT demand changes. The state merely suggested changes be studied and considered. If you have ever ridden in a school bus you know it takes a special person to handle those vehicles and all those “perfect” kids….and many kids are NOT perfect! My offspring were not perfect!

As to the actions of the attorneys involved, someone apparently has lied through direct (complicit?) action or through omission of truths. Not a good example for our children and families. This has caused a loss of trust, good faith and, fair dealing has been tossed out. Remember, it only takes one bad apple to ruin a whole barrel.

If there are other issues facing our education system we the citizens must see that these issues are treated fairly, with truth and intelligence, not just voting to go along with your coffee and business buddy. Our school leaders must face facts, be honest, and not be worrying that anyone might be embarrassed if truth comes to light. As we have been taught, the Truth shall set us free!

Another topic in last week’s Herald is about Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). If you notice, this country’s farmers and consumers are not the problem. Well-financed groups are trying to kill this legislation, which was started in 1986 at the National Farmer’s Organization national convention. This is something that I personally suggested to the NFO and it flew, approved, through most farm organizations, was proposed to our legislators and finally was made law. Many meat packer organizations have fought COOL for many years so they can import products (not just meat) produced in other countries using inappropriate antibiotics, questionable feeds, and unsanitary health and slaughter conditions. These organizations are fighting COOL just to increase their income and to HELL with what we, as consumers and farmers, want in our food supply. In places like Southeast Asia, shrimp are raised in ponds covered with chicken netting, chickens being raised over the ponds and feeding the shrimp with chicken poop. Do you want your loved ones dining on such products?

Go back and read Sue Curry’s and the COOL articles, read them several times. I did! Open your eyes.

Carol Boeddeker-Genet