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Early Thanksgiving Honors Martin Hathcock

Martin Hathcock was the honored guest for an early Thanksgiving celebration, held Saturday in the home of Jim and Jo Lynn Hathcock. There was a large group of relatives, friends and neighbors, (at last count, 82) bringing an abundance of wonderful food to share, filling the

house, basement and carport, to overflowing. The tables were filled with older folks, very young ones, and all ages in between, all enjoying plates piled high with meat provided by the hosts, (the children) and everyone else bringing potluck to add. Brother James Hathcock asked the blessing on the food. Pictures were taken, stories told and lots of “remember whens” at the “originals table”. That consisted of Martin, Clifton, Trellis, Pernie, Pauline and Harold. Wilma was unable to be there, and was greatly missed. Martin and Mary Ann’s children were all there, plus some of their children and grandchildren: Kathy and Ed Koca, Janice and DeWayne Mitchell, her children, Amy, Josias, Alex, Jacob and Lucas Stephens, Stephanie and Shelby Ashwedge, Pat and Wes Smith, their children, Charlee, Jessica and Shaun Glossip, Zoe and Zane, Jennifer Potter, Emma, Weston and Miles.¬†¬†Ronda and Eleazar Soto, son, Carmen and Charlene Soto, Carter and Charlize, Jim and Jo Lynne Hathcock, their children, Brandon and Summar Hathcock, Dakota and Breanna, Elizabeth and Mike Bledsoe, Aston, Jory and Jack Lafferty, and Bob Hathcock. Martin’s sister and brother and their families were: Pernie Adams and Dennis, Trellis Hathcock, Marvin and Heather Hathcock, Glenda Dean, Dusty, Amanda, Braxton, Colby and Laney Dean, Randall and Carrie Hathcock, and Wyatt, Clifton Hathcock, Scott and Harriett Hathcock, Aynne and Tim, Mathew and Chelsea Chandler, Pauline Hathcock, son, James and Kim Hathcock and Tara. Others joining the group were Bridgett Harris, Savannah, Charlie Rose Clark, Cole Thomas Harris, Mendy Lems, Marvene Doty, Harold and Kay Hutchison, Jewell Elliott, Nina Carter, Raymond and Naida Haden, Lisa Woodall, Kim and Lynn Clayton. Everyone was thankful to have had such a wonderful time together and made lots of memories!