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Douglas/Ozark Counties RTA Met October 13

The Douglas and Ozark Counties Retired Teachers and Other School Personnel met Tuesday, October 13 at the Senior Center in Gainesville. Those in attendance were Sue Robirds, Ida Mae Huse, Edith McKinnon, Betty Moore, Julane Williams, Norma Stillings, Marie Bristol, and the guest speaker, Aaron Dalton.

Aaron Dalton gave the retirees a report on the “Happenings at Gainesville RV.” There had been work done on the Elementary playground, a retaining wall built, improvements made at the ball field, and the pavilion, much of that was done by the Booster Club. Aaron talked about the “Interventions” program being offered during the day to provide tutoring and practice in areas of student need. Those students who are not needing special tutoring may enroll in an “Enrichment Class” in special subjects of choice. Gainesville RV has an A+ Program, Duel Credit Program, and up-to-date technology in use.

Betty Moore received a Medallion for being Distinguished Retiree from the Douglas and Ozark Counties RTA.

Marie Bristol, Norma Stillings, and Betty Moore attended the MRTA Region 10 Meeting October 16 at Republic. Betty Moore was honored again at that meeting.

During a short business meeting no corrections were offered to the minutes and treasurer’s report. The group agreed to set a goal to increase the amount of money in the scholarship that is offered to graduating seniors who are planning to enter education.

There were several reports from committee chairs. It was noted that membership dues were now due. Dues were collected from those present at the meeting. Dues will also be collected at the November Meeting. A letter will be sent out to those whose renewals have not been received by the November meeting.

Marie reminded retirees to keep track of volunteer hours of service. Retirees also received a reminder how to avoid phone scams and identity theft. Marie read some Legislative information on “Vote Smart.” Marie said that we should compare candidates’ statements made in debates and political ads to actual facts.

Marie announced a special training for Committee Chairs to be held in Ozark on November 6. A report would be given at the November RTA Meeting at Autumns Café in Ava on November 10. There would be a report on Income Tax and Health Plans from a Representative from the Senior Citizens at that meeting.