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What About This…? 11.5.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

After you have been to a meeting, especially one where lots and lots of talk produced lots and lots of inaction, the long ride home is often spiced by the inclusion of power rock and roll.

There is a Springfield radio station that specializes in the driving rock that gets your heart pounding and compels you to sing regardless of your familiarity with the actual lyrics.  When you get home, or maybe a little before, you turn down the volume and curtail your accompaniment, and by the time you park, the radio is off and your voice is in rest mode.

Around the house you do not dial up these tunes for several reasons, not the least of which are the varying musical tastes of your housemates and the indignity you foist upon yourself when you just have to wail.

Our eclectic musical interests result in mostly toned-down enjoy-ment from country to classical but sometimes, if, for example, one of us turns on the radio without checking the station selection and the volume, all that moderation flies out the window and the clarity of serious metal overtakes our quiet sylvan paradise.  Once it starts, power rock and roll is the ticket for pretty much the entire evening.

And, whenever we turn it off, it is like a good friend just left.  You are thinking of the fun you just had and remembering the good times you had before, when you were kids.

Sure, this goes for all music, but there is something about power rock and roll that is special around here.  Maybe it is being culturally trapped long before the centuries changed. But when you get into it, by choice or by accident, you pretty much have to wail.

And then, requiring a calming atmosphere while she manufactures some custom stationery for herself (and I am sure desiring to bask in memories of Renee’s favorite flute solo) Rosalie replaces the hard-driving blast of rock with the much more civilized and soothing Bizet’s Intermezzo from Carmen, and I am reminded that while all music can carry with it fabulous recollections, wild excitement and electric emotion, sometimes you wail and sometimes you don’t.