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What About This…? 10.28.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano


From ghoulies and ghosties,

And long-legged beasties,

And things that go bump in the night;

We pray goodies and candies,

And bright, shiny pennies,

Will protect us and keep us all right.


We love living in the woods. There is no substitute for the quiet and the beauty of your own land for as far as the trees surrounding your home will allow you to see.  Indeed, there are lots of tradeoffs, many of which highlighted by advancing age, but still the balance easily tips to­ward living here.

Nevertheless, one of the most cherished aspects of urban living we miss are the Halloween Trick-or-Treaters with wonderful costumes and smiling, expectant attitudes as they hawk-eye our offerings to keep our window screens unsoaped.

Most pleasant by far were the re­ally young, encouragingly advanced by siblings or parents to approach our door, often waddling under the weight of unaccustomed raiment and almost blinded by oversized masks or facial decoration. These novice mendicants stumble up to our door so hesitantly, not quite sure of what was about to happen, and left mys­tified by the goodies they see dropped into their swag bag.

A close second in our affections were those much older kids, perhaps on their last “real” Halloween expedition, whose costumes were sometimes the most extravagant of all and sometimes only a mask or just a challenging glare.

We frequently smiled at their dis­comfort, as some seemed worried that their presence among all these much younger celebrants would be questioned, their rightful demand of tribute refused.  But such tribute was never refused, and our knowing smiles always curtailed until our door was finally closed.  After all, we did have window screens.

Of the things we miss as city peo­ple, and they are in truth not all that numerous, one of the greatest of all of them has to Halloween.  We hope you and the beggars of all ages and sizes enjoy the evening as much as we did.