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What About This…? 10.22.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

Every autumn we try to watch the first program of each new series on television.  During those programs they usually introduce all the characters and provide a lot of the background necessary to compre­hend the subsequent episodes should we choose to watch them.

In case you missed some of the premieres this year I thought you might like a precis of what we gleaned from the nine shows we previewed. In alphabetical order the nine shows were about: trim, mus­cular, beautiful, confused young professionals searching for under­standing and committed love as they go about their lives at 1) an Army unit; 2) a coroner’s office; 3) an emergency room; 4) a fire depart­ment; 5) a law firm; 6) a police de­partment; 7) a public school; 8) a teaching hospital; and 9) a univer­sity.

After having watched all nine shows, we had a little trouble deciding which we liked the best, or least, which characters were most credible, or wooden, and which storylines were most or least inter­esting.  It might be the uniformly excellent production values that made these programs so indistinc­tive, or perhaps it was something else.

Nevertheless, we are ready for the new shows coming up that will end the cascade of summer reality televi­sion that some entertainment moguls believe we prefer over reruns of series episodes we like the first time.

You know, it occurs to me that we might consider spending the cash required to get cable television with all the movie channels offered.  It may just be worth the risk of starv­ing to death in front of the television because you do not want to miss “the next part” of a great movie, just to have the option of seeing some­thing you can remember twenty minutes after it is over.

Cable?  Hmmmm….I will bet that is where all the good television is.  Isn’t it?