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Coupon Curiousity

We received just enough rain and drizzle last week to help convince the leaves to turn their crimson red, sunset orange and yellow. Fall is making its way and most certainly after the drop in temperatures coming soon, fall will not be on its way, but rather, here to stay, until Mother Nature decides that Winter deserves a turn.

Fall is an enjoyable season for most. No different for me, except that Fall isn’t only harvest season with vibrant colors and the lovely sound of crunching leaves, but also the start of what we call, in our family, as “birthday season.” Five out of the six of our children have birthdays in Fall and Winter. We began “birthday season” with our first celebration this past weekend, as our son, Nate, had a birthday Monday. With this many children, birthdays come with stipulations and expectations. This is what the ground rules are: every birthday child will receive a set amount of money, a small gift to open and dinner at their favorite restaurant. This is a treat, as we try not to eat out much and they get to make the choice. Since Nate works long and hard hours at a fast food eatery and isn’t home much, the decision to have a homecooked meal, of his choice, sounded more pleasing than eating out. He decided on brisket, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, rolls and strawberry cake. Let me just say, it has been a long time since I have bought a whole brisket. Ouch! Not that it was overpriced, brisket is just not cheap. Cost aside, it was good eating and Nate is worth it!

The conclusion to my findings were that meat isn’t cheap and how could I help you, the consumer, save money, by couponing. Here are a few companies who offer coupons on their website: Farmland, Al Fresco, Johnsonville, Hormel and Butterball.

I’ve also heard so many moans and groans at the grocery store while shoppers purchase milk. Milk is another high priced item. It has been mentioned that this creamy dairy product can be found cheaper at gas stations and drug stores and did you know that you can freeze milk? Just store in a freezer proof container leaving room for expansion and shake well after it thaws. Skim milk works best. Another quick tip to save money on milk is to replace liquid milk with powdered milk while cooking and baking.

Whether this time of year is Fall, birthday season or just a transition into the holiday season for you, we all like to save money. Hope these tips become useful knowledge to those who are interested.

No Coupon Curiousity article is complete without a list of a few items on sale at Town & Country Supermarket this week that have coupons circulating: Land O’ Frost lunchmeat, New York Texas Toast and Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at I am more than willing to help you get started.

The Douglas County Herald still has coupons for exchange. We have a box up front with coupons in it. Feel free to look through and take any coupons that interest you and that you will use.

Until next time, keep calm and coupon on!