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Letter to the Editor – Annexation

The buzz word of the month is surely Annexation! I have, so far, been accused of wanting the city to annex for my own personal financial gain and I am waiting eagerly for her to come in and show how to do it.  I have thought and thought but cannot figure out how I,  or any city council members or employees, can make money on a deal where no money changes hands and no land is to be sold.  I own no land outside of the city.  Annexation has not even begun to be discussed by the council.  I have been the only one talking about annexation and I have not had a single person call me to find out the facts regarding annexation and why I so strongly believe the city must grow.  I am at city hall most every day so I welcome the questions.  I do not have all the answers to all the questions that might arise but I will do my best to find them. If we began today, it would probably be a two year project with lots of public meetings and discussions.   Our council has not decided to pursue annexation.

If you have questions please come in and see me.  I am at City Hall every day.  My phone number is 417-683-5516 (City Hall) or 417-683-8067. (My cell)

Please do not email or send questions on Facebook.  I have an aversion to both. I prefer to see you in person or have you call.  Thanks.

David Norman


City of Ava, Missouri