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What About This…? 8.27.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

What are the two once-most-powerful political / financial figures in the United States of America, now totally irrelevant on the national scene, doing with all that free time?  They are engaged in pursuing the Guinness World Record for the longest-running cribbage game of all time.

There they sit, day after day, George Bush The Younger and Alan Greenspan, smoking cigars and staring at each other, paying very little attention to the card game.

Ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve System Greenspan waxes loquaciously explaining once again the nuances of the economy he perceived during his reign using the same interminable enigmatic pronouncements he once made to the breathless anticipation of every financial interest in our country and the world. And, during these lengthy narratives Greenspan surreptitiously asks himself sotto voce, “Why didn’t this moron ever listen to me?”

Ex-President of the United States of America Bush stares in glassy-eyed intellectual paralysis during these orations, wondering once again if a place in the Guinness Book of World Records is worth this torture, and likewise surreptitiously mumbles, “I can’t believe I ever listened to this moron.”