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What About This…? 8.6.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

We need to stop calling these deranged, murdering terrorists Lone Wolves.

I may be off base here but it seems to me that in our culture it is just as easy to visualize a Lone Wolf as an independent, proud, strong, laudable individual going his (or her) own way unencumbered by the strictures of a controlling authority, as it is to see a Lone Wolf as a mangy, slinking, bone-skinny, scavenging outcast from his or her familial pack.

Calling them Lone Wolves gives to them a possibly positive cachet that these horribly sociopathic miscreants can never deserve.

The problem with changing Lone Wolf to a more honest and unmistakable appellation is that the new name needs to be as short and as easy to spell as Lone Wolf and I would guess that the popularity of Lone Wolf is due to a great extent merely on its ease and quickness.

It may be my innate feelings for these….persons that is causing a wall separating me from the ability to express those feelings about these cowardly killers in two one-syllable words. But it has been happening all morning long.

What an excellent Douglas County Herald “Question of the Week” this would make: “What two-syllable word would you use to replace Lone Wolf when referring to terrorists, that would show your contempt for them and your disgust at their behavior?”

In the meantime, I will avoid the name Lone Wolf, and revert to the pleasingly plebeian, but not nearly pejorative enough, “Scum Bag.”