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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Activity Report 7.16.2015

During the week of July 6 through July 12 the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department has answered 93 Calls for Service and has arrested five subjects.  There are currently 12 subjects incarcerated in the Douglas County Jail.

On Thursday, July 9  a line of storms moved out of Oklahoma and into Missouri.  As the line tracked into the Douglas County area it intensified quickly. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for the area. Reports of rotation north of town began to come in, along with information from HAM Radio operators and storm spotters.

EMA, who was caught in the storm on North 5 Highway at the time, advised that due to the immediate conditions and potential for damage and injury the siren should be sounded.  The storm left the area as quick as it came in.  Damage reports began to immediately come in to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office which included downed trees, power lines, and roads blocked due to debris, mostly north of town in the Mt. Zion and CR 100/101/102 areas.

The National Weather Service was notified of all damage and pictures were forwarded to them.  They came to Douglas County on Friday, July 10 , to conduct a survey of the area to determine whether the damage was caused by straight line winds or a possible tornado.  It was released later Friday afternoon that there were in fact two tornadoes that passed through the Douglas County area.

An EF0 tornado with winds of up to 80 miles per hour passed through the Mt. Zion area damaging several trees, one of which landed on the Ava Rural Fire Station, and downed several power lines.  An EF0 tornado also passed through the CR 101 and CR 102 areas damaging a few barns as well as several trees. There were no injuries during either of these tornadoes. At no time was a tornado warning issued for the area.

For now it looks like the rainy weather has given us a break; however, the damage to the roads and bridges here in Douglas County will be felt for a while yet.  At this time County Road 104 and 109 are impassable all the way through.  County Roads 105 and 106 by the fish farm are impassable without 4 wheel-drive and even then not recommended.  The Rome area has been worked on both sides, but you cannot pass the low water crossing.  The County Road and Bridge Departments and the County Commissioners have been out and about assessing damage and attempting to do the best they can to make roads at least passable.  They are also working with SEMA and FEMA in order to help with permanent repairs and solutions to roads and bridges in the area.  County Commissioners and representatives from SEMA are out in the area today looking at bridges, crossings, and some roads.

A friendly reminder for those with CCW Permits:  Please check the renewal dates on your CCW card.  Those that received their card from the License Bureau will need to check the upper right corner of their card for the expiration date.  The date of the CCW expiration and the expiration of the ID card doesn’t always match. All CCW initial applications require an appointment that can be set for you by phone, and CCW renewals can be done at any time.  Initial first time CCW’s are $100 which include your background check and fingerprints.  A CCW renewal is $50.  Both are good for 5 years.  Any CCW payment made should be in the form of personal check, money order, or cashier’s check.  If you have any questions about CCW’s or their renewal please call us here at the office.

Sheriff Chris Degase