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Coupon Curiousity

Thanks to Hurricane Bill, we received several days of rain and now the hot weather that follows. The heat wave would be tolerable, but once the humidity is factored in, it isn’t, or at least that’s this Texas girl’s opinion.

Since we’re talking coupons and hot weather, thank goodness those nice debentures manufacturer’s like Nestle, Blue Bunny and Minute Maid, are placing coupons in papers right now for ice cream and cold treats. Surely that will help cool down a few folks! All it takes is a pair of scissors and a few minutes to clip.

Just a few weeks ago I took advantage as I had a coupon for $2.00 off three boxes of Popsicle brand popsicles. I found a certain type of Popsicle brand popsicles on sale for a $1.00 a box, 18 count at that. So for a mere dollar I stockpiled on summer treats for my kids and ended up with 54 name brand popsicles and very little out of pocket. That should last a while and brings me to my next topic on couponing, it’s one I’ve mentioned before – stockpiling. The definition of stockpiling is a large accumulated stock of goods or materials, especially one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency. So here’s to the art of stockpiling. Might I add, the idea of stockpiling has saved me more than once from having to go to the store to buy a week’s worth of groceries. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to figure dinner ideas with what you got, but definitely worth the effort.

First step: find an adequate place to store your items and don’t buy more than you have room for. I chose to clean a shelf or two both in my bathroom, laundry room and kitchen for items. The best product to stockpile is laundry products, bathroom necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, deoderant, toilet paper, body wash and food items with longer expiration dates like canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, canned chicken or tuna, rice, bottled water, freeze dried food, nuts and even meat and popsicles. Just make sure you place in freezer bags to help from freezer burn.

How much should one stock pile? I would suggest that it be based off of family size and room. The point of stockpiling isn’t to become a hoarder or to make one feel claustrophobic in their own home, it’s simply to save money.

How to start: Write a complete list of all items used in a month as your beginning guide. Monitor grocery sale flyers to become aware when various items are on sale. Combine sale prices with coupons when purchasing and record savings as future motivation.

Coupons and stockpiling really just boils down to basic math. The trick with coupon usage in stockpiling is to either have a well-developed coupon inventory or be able to quickly accesss the coupons that match what is on sale. For instance, let’s break this down, and use this weeks Walgreens flyer to help breakdown savings in such a way that one might stockpile. Okay, advertised price at Walgreens this week shows Werther’s Originals on sale 2 for $4.00. I have one coupon for a $1.00 off two bags bringing the total cost to 2 bags for $3.00. Do I need two bags today? No, but I can stockpile the other for a later date. Another more practical example would be the advertisement of buy one get one free on All laundry detergent, add the $1.00 off one All laundry product coupon and savings start adding up.

Hope this becomes useful knowledge to those who are interested and before I say That’s A Wrap for this week, here are a few items on sale at Town & Country Supermarket this week that have coupons circulating: Hellman’s Mayonaise, Land O Frost deli meat, Right Guard Deoderant and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at I am more than willing to help you get started. If you have something to add to this column, great! We would love to hear from you as well!

Now to make things interesting, the Douglas County Herald will be starting a coupon exchange since we all know that everyone doesn’t use the same products. We will have a box up front with coupons in it. Feel free to look through and take any coupons that interest you and that you will use. All we ask is that you help give back by bringing in the coupons you don’t use. This week we have a few coupons on the items mentioned on sale at Town & Country.

Until next time, keep calm and coupon on!