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Head Start Classes Visit Squires Fire Department, Smokey Bear

Squires Fire Department recently teamed up with Smokey Bear for a visit from the Ava Head Start students.
On April 24, there were 16 students from Head Start who visited the fire department and learned about smoke detectors, fire safety and having an emergency plan in case of a home fire. Assistant Chief Mark Springer put on full gear so the children would know what a firefighter would look like coming into their home to find them.
The children went through all of the trucks looking at the equipment that is used in both brush and home fires. The children also made excellent patients for the medical team in pretending to have a broken leg and being strapped down on the backboard.
On April 30 a group of 22 students and Smokey Bear visited, since Smokey was not off fighting any forest fires.
The children learned, again, about smoke detectors, fire safety and how important emergency plans are. It is always good to have the meeting place away from the home, so everyone can be safe.
The trucks were gone through and the children enjoyed making the horns and sirens go off. They also learned what all of the equipment is used for. Again, willing patients were available to simulate a broken arm and for backboarding. All of the “patients” were calm and did a great job.
Smokey Bear helped the children and Chance Dry from the Missouri Department of Conservation talked about preventing forest fires. Being safe when camping and making sure the campfires are put out with water or dirt before leaving the campsite was emphasized.
The visit ended with spraying water from the pumper truck. All the children, teachers, and Smokey Bear took a turn with the hose.
Students from both classes were called into the office at the end of the demonstration by Chief Chris Verhage where they each received a Junior Firefighter certificate.
Squires Fire Department appreciates the opportunity to have Mrs. Doris Pinckney’s classes come out and visit them, and a big thank you to the Conservation Department, Chance Dry and Smokey Bear for being part of the day.