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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

During the week of April 28 through May 3, 2015, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office answered 68 Calls for Service, arrested and booked 13 into the Douglas County Jail. Currently there are 22 inmates in custody in the Douglas County Jail.
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for Ryan Lee Stacy, DOB: 7/16/1983, for trafficking in drugs in the second degree.  If you are aware of Mr. Stacy’s whereabouts please call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department at 417-683-1020.
On April 30, Aaron R. Taber was arrested by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with Ava Police Department, on two counts of possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.
Robert L. Doran was arrested on May 1, for tampering with a motor vehicle. These charges stemmed from a vehicle that was stolen from the Douglas County area. Doran also had warrants from Mansfield Police Department and Ava Police Department, and also currently has other charges pending.
As the weather becomes more pleasant and people are out and about more the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this time to encourage everyone to be aware of your surroundings and to be the eyes and ears of your community.  If you notice vehicles in your area that normally aren’t there and are acting strange, take a moment to get a vehicle description.  If you are able, get a license plate, vehicle color, make, model, how many doors, distinguishing features, etc. Call our office at 683-1020 and give us your location, the location of the vehicle, any information about the vehicle, and the behavior or actions of the vehicle or its occupants.  It may seem trivial or no big deal, but a report of a suspicious vehicle and its location can be entered into our data base here at the office and used to help establish leads in cases such as burglary, theft/stealing, property damage, drug activity and other criminal activity.
A friendly reminder for those with CCW Permits:  Please check the renewal dates on your CCW card.  Those that received their card from the License Bureau will need to check the upper right corner of their card for the expiration date.  The date of the CCW expiration and the expiration of the ID card doesn’t always match. All CCW initial applications require an appointment that can be set for you by phone, and CCW renewals can be done at any time.  Initial first time CCW’s are $100 which include your background check and fingerprints. A CCW renewal is $50.  Both are good for 5 years.  Any CCW payment made should be in the form of personal check, money order, or cashier’s check.  If you have any questions about CCW’s or their renewal please call us here at the office.
If you have information regarding a crime or any information on the locations of the above listed subjects you are encouraged to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 417-683-1020.