What About This…? 3.12.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

I am not sure how it happens. My guess is that it begins with a series of very cold days when the temperature has gone down below freezing and stayed there long enough so that the tree branches are well-frozen.

All of a sudden a warm front arrives and the cold moisture-laden air that is extant meeting this influx of warm air become conducive to the production of fog.

The droplets of water in the fog are quick-frozen to the very cold tree limbs and over time the limbs become completely encased in ice. If this happens later in the day the cold night insures the ice will not melt off the trees and if you are lucky enough to live in the woods as we do, or even have a few trees around you, the morning reveals that you are surrounded by a crystal forest, and if the morning is clear, the bright moving sun turns the crystal to diamonds!

Then, should Mother Nature really smile on you, the day warms up very quickly and the ice melts off the tree limbs so fast that it falls in large chunks.

It’s raining glass.